The Pearce Research Group at Michigan Tech in Open Sustainability Technology focuses on open and applied sustainability, which is the application of science and innovation to ensure a better quality of life for all, now and into the future, in a just and equitable manner, whilst living within the limits of supporting ecosystems.

Specifically we are interested in exploring the way solar photovoltaic technology can sustainably power our society and how open-source hardware like open source appropriate technologies (or OSAT) and RepRap 3-D printing can drive decentralized local production and manufacturing (and maybe even social change).[1] See Advancing Open, Sustainable Technology with 3D Printing.

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Current Research Projects[edit | edit source]

Photovoltaic Materials, Electronic Device Physics, and Solar Photovoltaic Systems Projects[edit | edit source]

Open Source Distributed Manufacturing[edit | edit source]

Completed Projects[edit | edit source]

Videos[edit | edit source]

OS Lulzbot at MOST[edit | edit source]


OSE tour of MOST lab[edit | edit source]


The Wild West of Distributed Recycling[edit | edit source]


Michigan Tech Owning Open Hardware[edit | edit source]


Why do we make such a big deal about open source hardware?[edit | edit source]


BBC Arabic visits MOST[edit | edit source]


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References[edit | edit source]

  1. Rumpala, Y., 2016. A New Printing Revolution? 3D Printing as an Agent of Socio-Political Change. International Journal of Technoethics (IJT), 7(2), pp.105-123.
  2. K. Branker, M.J.M. Pathak, J.M. Pearce, A Review of Solar Photovoltaic Levelized Cost of Electricity, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 15, pp.4470-4482 (2011). DOI and Open access
  3. D.V.P. McLaughlin & J.M. Pearce, "Progress in Indium Gallium Nitride Materials for Solar Photovoltaic Energy Conversion", Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 44(4) pp. 1947-1954 (2013).


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