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Published 2021
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Aalto lists:

Potential lives saved by replacing coal with solar photovoltaic electricity production in the U.S.[edit | edit source]

  1. Shutting down coal plants spared 26,610 American lives in just a decade - Mashable 1,225
    1. Decommissioning coal-fired power plants saved the lives of 26,610 Americans in a decade - Mashviral 119k
    2. Mashable India
    3. Ecoplanet news
  2. Study: Switching From Coal Would Save 52,000 Lives Annually In The United States Jonathan Turley 242k
  3. Mortality rates declined significantly in counties where coal plants closed according to new study, saving an estimated 26,610 American lives between 2005 and 2018 Daily Mail UK 222
  4. New paper says the closure of 138 coal-burning plants in the US saved 26,610 lives in America Infosurhoy
  5. The movement to renewable energy is irreversible Centre Daily Times 144.6k

Ystruder: open source multifunction extruder with sensing and monitoring capabilities[edit | edit source]

  1. Ystruder: New Syringe System Offers Feature Rich, Open-Source Multifunction Extrusion 3DPrint 73.6k
  2. Ystruder: estrusore multifunzione open source con funzionalità di rilevamento e monitoraggio Stampare in 3D

Micronutrient Availability in Alternative Foods During Agricultural Catastrophes[edit | edit source]

  1. A full-scale nuclear winter would trigger a global famine. A disaster expert put together a doomsday diet to save humanity. - Business Insider 238
    1. Business Insider Singapore 16.1k
    2. Youtube 2
  2. Un invierno nuclear a gran escala desencadenaría una hambruna mundial. Esto es lo que comeríamos Heaven 32
  3. This diet would save after the nuclear war EngNews
  4. Tämä ruokavalio pelastaisi ydinsodan jälkeen Verkkouutiset (Finnish) 193k
  5. A Full-Scale Nuclear Winter Would Trigger a Global Famine. Here's What We Would Eat Science Alert 5684

A National Pragmatic Safety Limit for Nuclear Weapon Quantities[edit | edit source]

  1. Nuclear war could be devastating for the US, even if no one shoots back The Conversation 2791
    1. Yahoo News 13
    2. Houston Chronicle 464 (169k circulation)
    3. San Francisco Chronicle 1.6k (164k circulation)
    4. Phys 5.4k
    5. Flip Board 7.8k
    6. Seattle Pi 14.2k
    7. MENAFN 23.3k
    8. Economic Times 27.7k
    9. Lincoln Journal Star 52k
    10. The Hour 86.6k
    11. San Antonio Express 98k
    12. Strategic Culture Foundation 104k
    13. Big News Network 119k
    14. Consortium News 127k
    15. MBS News 166k
    16. The Telegraph 178k
    17. Dispatch Argus 186k
    18. Idaho Press Tribune 188k
    19. GoSkagit 200k
    20. Rocket News 206k
    21. LMT 215k
    22. Bozeman Daily Chronicle 227k
    23. Albany Democrat Herald 294k
    24. The World 333k
    25. Beaumont Enterprise 343k
    26. Darien Times 406k
    27. Homeland Security Newswire 428k
    28. Birmingham Star
    29. Shelton Herald
    30. New Cannan
    31. Fairfield Citizen
    32. Jacksonville Courier
    33. News Pronto
    34. E News US
    35. EDM Digest
    36. Wilton Bulletin
    37. Wall Street Window
  1. Nuclear War Could Be Devastating for America—With or Without a Retaliatory Strike National Interest 7041
    1. Yahoo News 13
    2. Yahoo Finance 13
  2. Op-ed: A nuclear war would devastate the US, even if no one shot back Navy Times 92.4k
  3. Your turn: The domestic risk of nuclear autumn 127k
  4. The scientist told about the consequences of a nuclear attack for the United States KXAN36 News NBC New York 382k
  5. The scientist called the possible consequences for the United States in the event of a nuclear strike The Teller Report 75k
  6. The scientist told about the consequences of a nuclear attack for the United States Buzz on Live
  7. Ein Atomkrieg wäre für die USA verheerend, sogar dann, wenn niemand zurückschießt Free21 (German translation)

International[edit | edit source]

  1. Учёный назвал возможные последствия для США в случае ядерного удара Rt (Russian) 300
  2. Starting Nuclear War May Be ‘Devastating’ for US Even If No One Retaliates, American Scientist Says Sputnik News 739
  3. La guerra nuclear puede devastar Estados Unidos, incluso sin adversario atómico La Vanguardia (Spanish) 1316 (circulation 196k, 4th in Spain)
  4. La guerra nuclear puede devastar EEUU, incluso sin adversario atómico Europapress 8271 (Spanish)
    1. El Pais
    2. El Periodico de Mexico
  5. La guerra nuclear puede devastar EEUU, incluso sin adversario atómicoNotimerica (Spanish) 41.3k
  6. Guerra nucleare devastante per USA anche senza ritorsioni nemiche Notizies Scientifiche (Italian)
  7. Kịch bản hạt nhân nguy hiểm với Mỹ và toàn cầu Toquoc 53.3k (Vietnamese)
    1. VNNHANH 446k
    2. Docbao TV
    3. vntintuc
  8. سلاح های اتمی می توانند آمریکا را نابود کنند، حتی اگر هیچ کس به شلیک آن پاسخ ندهد Farsnews (Iran) 3237
  9. سلاح های اتمی می توانند آمریکا را نابود کنند، حتی اگر هیچ کس به شلیک آن پاسخ ندهد Ghatreh (Iran) 6509
  10. سلاح های اتمی می توانند آمریکا را نابود کنند، حتی اگر هیچ کس به شلیک آن پاسخ ندهد Bloghnews (Iran) 147k
  11. The destruction of Russia has proved deadly for US Hand of Moscow
  12. Konsekuensi dari Serangan Nuklir Konfirmasi Times (Indonesia)
  13. [Iniciar una guerra nuclear puede ser «devastador» para Estados Unidos incluso si nadie toma represalias : Centífico estadounidense] New Front (Spanish) 17.5k
  14. El científico informó sobre las consecuencias de un ataque nuclear para Estados Unidos :: Sociedad :: RBC Notiulti (Spanish) 240k
  15. La guerra nuclear puede devastar Estados Unidos, incluso sin adversario atómico Viriji (Spanish) 116k
  16. Důsledky jaderného útoku budou pro USA i bez odvety zničující! Pvrnizpravy (Czech) 470k
  17. Una guerra nucleare può essere "devastante" per gli USA anche in mancanza di second strike Sputnik Italy 704
  18. Tratado de No-Proliferación Nuclear 2020: ¿hacia una Crisis Profunda? Diario COnstitucional (Spanish) 175k
  19. Asia-Pacífico: un análisis de la tensión Nuclear Militar, pensando en el siglo XXI BCN (Chile) 40.2k
  20. NATO je proti Smlouvě o zákazu jaderných zbraníSputnik News CZ 879
  21. De câte bombe atomice e nevoie pentru a distruge omenirea? Experţii spun că doar de 100 - Click! (Romanian)

Special Issue on Open-Source COVID19 Medical Hardware[edit | edit source]

  1. Special Issue on Open-Source COVID19 Medical Hardware HardwareX 616
  2. reddit
  3. 3D Printing Against Coronavirus: Who And How To Help - Fabbaloo 116k
  4. MAKERS, DISEÑO + COVID_19 Medium 89
  5. Makers, Diseño y COVID-19: El mundo funciona exactamente como fue diseñado Diario Sanfrancisco.
  6. MTU Engineering Team Joins Open-source Ventilator Movement MTU Unscripted 17.8k
    1. MTU Engineering Team Joins Open-source Ventilator Movement- Newswise 71.3k
    2. News Medical14.7k
    3. Sound Health and Lasting Wealth
    4. Keewanaw Now
  7. Pop-Up Open Source Medical Hardware Projects Won’t Stop Coronavirus, But Might Be Useful Anyway. Here’s why.IEEE Spectrum 1438
  8. How can the world solve the global ventilator shortage problem? Pt 2 Sensor Tips
  9. Contre la pénurie, l’open source Le Courrier (Swiss) 289k
  10. Open source journal calls for COVID-19 equipment designs Elsevier Connect 607
  11. Discovering help: MTU aiding in search for open-source devices to fight COVID-19 Mining Gazette
    1. The Mining Journal
  12. COVID-19: Research Update Tech Today
  13. Three Years Of HardwareX: Where Are They Now? HackADay
  14. The Rogue Experimenters The New Yorker 1828
    1. Anarchist News
  15. 天价药也能自己造,美国的生物黑客有多野?(Sky-high drugs can also be made by yourself. How wild are biohackers in the United States?) Tech Sina 16
  16. 天价药也能自己造,美国的生物黑客有多野 Huxiu 4.2k
  17. 天价药也能自己造,美国的生物黑客有多野? 36Kr 1366

Energy Conservation with Open Source Ad Blockers[edit | edit source]

  1. How open source ad blockers could save you 2 hours a week EIN NewsDesk 41k (widely copied listing <150k)
    1. Ask 189
    2. Pittsburgh Post Gazette 17.6k
    3. Daily Herald Chicago 22k
    4. The Buffalo News 27k
    5. Market Place 34k
    6. News9 38k
    7. WRCB TV NBC 43k
    8. KAKE ABC 46.5k
    9. San Diego Union Tribune 64k
    10. WFMJ NBC 67k
    11. WBOC CBS72.9k
    12. KVTN 74k
    13. Erie News Now89k
    14. FOX34131k
    15. RFD TV131k
    16. News Channel Nebraska
    17. Telemundo Nuevo Mexico
    18. Punxsutawney Spirit
    19. Lubbock CW
    20. Tux Machines

Towards Quantifiable Metrics Warranting Industry-Wide Corporate Death Penalties[edit | edit source]

UP Energy Needs[edit | edit source]

  1. Copper Country native, now in Sweden, helping address U.P. energy needs Mining Gazette 594k
  2. Copper Country native, now in Sweden, helping to address U.P. energy needs The Mining Journal 476k
  3. Associated Press Native of Michigan's UP in Sweden Conducting Energy Research 1323
    1. Yahoo Finance 13
    2. US News 723
    3. Tiawan News 3316
    4. The Detroit News 16k
    5. This Is Money UK 27.5k
    6. The Hour 38.8k
    7. Midland Daily News
  4. Heimisch in Michigan, UP in Schweden, leitet Energie… - TwitterMash

As the coronavirus interrupts global supply chains, people have an alternative – make it at home[edit | edit source]

  1. As the coronavirus interrupts global supply chains, people have an alternative – make it at home- The Conversation 1953 (reprinted widely <250k)
  2. Yahoo News 13
  3. Houston Chronicle 526
  4. San Francisco Chronicle 1480
  5. The Street 5398
  6. Houston Chronicle 12.8k
  7. Seattle Pi 16.9k
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  27. World News Monitor
  28. Midland Daily 244k
  29. VTVox 504k (>3kviews)

The 3D printing revolution is finally here[edit | edit source]

  1. The 3D printing revolution is finally here - Fast Company 2641
  2. Coronavirus spurring spread of 3-D printers PBN

Translations[edit | edit source]

  1. 开源的广告拦截器不但节能,而且能拯救生命! | Linux 中国 Zhihu 139 (China)
  2. Como el coronavirus las interrupciones de las cadenas de suministro mundiales, la gente tiene una alternativa – hacer en casa Loving Valencia (Spanish)
  3. 开源的广告拦截器不但节能,而且能拯救生命! | Linux 中国 Post Career 52k

Towards national policy for open source hardware research: The case of Finland[edit | edit source]

  1. Free and Open-Source Hardware enables more bang for your buck in research funding- Aalto News 17.5k
    1. Techxplore 70k
    2. 99.9k
    3. Eureka Alert 17.7k
    4. The Latest News 211k
    5. News 8 Plus - 488k
    6. Science Codex 695k
  2. ‘Open Design’: Printing research hardware to save on capitol costs Lab News (UK)

Open-Source Grinding Machine for Compression Screw Manufacturing [edit | edit source]

  1. Michigan Tech researchers invent open-source grinding machine for compression screw 3D printing 3D Printing Industry 72k SVMakers
  2. Open-Source Grinder Makes Compression Screws For Plastic Extruders Easy Hackaday 9.8k, Tech Street Now
  3. Open Source Grinding Machine Cuts Cost of Pellet 3D Printing 3D Print 75.7k, 3D Printing Today
  4. Latest News of 3D Printing Morgen Filament
  5. Grinding Machine from Professor Pearce Medium 79

Open Source Computer Vision-based Layer-wise 3D Printing Analysis[edit | edit source]

  1. MTU’s Joshua Pearce develops open source, computer vision-based print correction algorithm 3D Printing Industry 80k, Nanhixiong 28k
  2. Michigan Tech Develops Open Source Smart Vision for 3D Printing Quality Control 3d Print 70k ,NewsBreak 2137
  3. Исследователи из MTU разрабатывают программу для обнаружения и исправления дефектов 3D-печати 3DToday (Russia)73k
  4. MTUの研究チームが3Dプリント時に発生するエラーを検出し自動補正するアルゴリズムを開発Idarts Japan 98k
  5. Joshua Pearce e Aliaksei Petsiuk, hanno sviluppato un algoritmo software open source basato sulla visione artificiale in grado di rilevare e correggere gli errori di stampa Stampare in 3D (Italian)
  6. Open Source Algorithmus soll Druckfehler verhindern 3D Ruck German
  7. Michigan Tech entwickelt Open Source Smart Vision für die Qualitätskontrolle beim 3D-Druck 3D Ruck German
  8. Mesterséges intelligencia javítja ki a nyomtatási hibákat Freedee 12k (Hungarian)
  9. Open Source 3D Print Quality Control Vision System Metrology News
  10. 3D打印机+大数据算法,能彻底纠正打印错误提高打印成功率? AAU3D China
  11. 3.3D印表機+大數據算法,能徹底糾正列印錯誤提高列印成功率?KKNews 805
  12. Researchers achieve 6.35x part strength increases with new non-planar FDM framework 3D Printing Industry 76k
  13. Authentise and Addiguru partner to merge in-situ process monitoring and workflow management 3D Printing Industry 72k
  14. AI and Plastics: The Revolution Begins - Plastics Engineering 508 (cover story)

Hack-a-day[edit | edit source]

  1. Open And Sustainable Engineering Hack Chat Newsbreak 2050
  2. Open And Sustainable Engineering Hack Chat Hack-a-Day 10.8k
  3. Hack Chat Transcript, Part 1 A event log for Open and Sustainable Engineering Hack Chat 38.7k

U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emission Bottlenecks: Prioritization of Targets for Climate Liability[edit | edit source]

  1. MTU Researchers Introduce New Theory to Calculate Emissions Liability MTU News 20.9k (noon Friday)
    1. Mirage92k
    2. Serendeputy 69k
    3. The National Tribune
    4. Environmental News Network 235k
    5. YouTube Today's Sciencology
  2. New Theory to Calculate Emissions Liability—"A Profound Business Risk for Some Companies" NewsWise 50.2k
  3. Researchers introduce new theory to calculate emissions liability Eureka Alert 19.4k
    1. Science Daily3.3k
    2. Phys.org5.6k
    3. Knowlodia 65k
    4. Scienmag316k
    5. Science Codex
    6. Occupy Independents
    7. Bioengeer
    8. Go Travel Blogger
    9. QNews Hub
  4. Questioning conventional methods of calculating carbon emissions liability based on point source pollution PV Buzz
  5. MTU Researchers Introduce New Theory to Calculate Emissions Liability Revo30
  6. Researchers Introduce New Theory to Calculate Emissions Liability Lab Manager 105k
  7. New study: Many critical carbon emissions bottlenecks in the U.S. are not even American EI News 39k

BioPROTEIN[edit | edit source]

  1. From Plastic to Protein Powder MTU News 21.3k
    1. NewsBreak 1982
    2. Bioengineering U Illinois 3902
    3. Eureka Alert19.8k
    4. Newswise 47k
    5. Mirage News 87.2k
    6. The National Tribune (Australia)
    7. The Lode
    8. Bioengineer
    9. ScienMag
    10. 7th Space
  2. Researchers to Convert Plastic Waste into Useful Products Omnexus 50k

Guest Blog: MTU Releases Three New Open-source Tools for COVID-19[edit | edit source]

  1. Guest Blog: MTU Releases Three New Open-source Tools for COVID-19 MTU Unscripted 20.1k
    1. Newsbreak1.9k
  2. MTU engineer makes open-source, 3D printed tools for COVID-19 Newswise 47.6k
  3. MTU engineers build three new open-source tools for COVID-19 Eureka Alert 19.7k
    1. TechXplore37
    2. Knowledia 57.5k
    3. COVID19 News
    4. Development Channel
  4. Michigan Tech develops three new open-source tools in response to COVID-19 Medical News 8.9k
  5. Engineer Makes Open-Source, 3D-Printed Tools for COVID-1924x7 Magazine
  6. Michigan Technological University engineers build three new open-source tools for COVID-19 Express Computer India 42.8k
  7. Engineers Build New Printable Open-source Tools for COVID-19Laboratory Equipment
    1. NewsBreak 1878
  8. MTU engineer makes open-source, 3D printed tools for COVID-19 R&D World
  9. 3 New Open Source Tools To Aid In Battling COVID-19 Fabbaloo 97.7k
  10. MTU puts research to work fighting viruses locally, globally - Daily Mining Gazette 439k

Open Source High-Temperature Reprap for 3-D Printing Heat-Sterilizable PPE and Other Applications[edit | edit source]

  1. 可打印高温灭菌PPE的开源3D打印机,为下一次大流行做好准备 Sohu (China) 6
  2. 可列印高溫滅菌PPE的開源3D印表機,為下一次大流行做好準備 KK News 790
  3. 可打印高温灭菌PPE的开源3D打印机,为下一次大流行做好准备 Nanjixiong (China)24.6k
  4. Open Source High-Temperature RepRap 3D Printer Announced Fabbaloo 101k
  5. Dr. Joshua Pearce’s new open-source ‘Cerberus’ can 3D print PEKK for sub-$1000 3D Printing Industry 67.2k
  6. Neuer Open-Source 3D-Drucker ‘Cerberus’ für unter 1000 $ druckt PEKK3D Ruck (German) 432k
  7. Une machine open-source imprime en 3D du PEKK pour moins de 1 000 dollars3D Natives (France) 52.3k
  8. Cerberus, open-source 3D printer for less than $1,000 3D Natives 52.3k
  9. Cerberus, open-source 3D printer for less than $1,000 3D Prints
  10. Pearce’s Latest Open Source 3D Printer Handles PEKK, PEI for Less than $1,0003D Print 67.5k
  11. 开源PEKK、PEI 高温3D打印机,零件成本1000美元 - Nanjixiong (China)22.8k
  12. 开源PEKK、PEI 高温3D打印机,零件成本1000美元China 3D Print
  13. Johan Von Konow’s new open-source MIDI synth can be 3D printed for $6 3D Printing Industry 64.9k

Distributed manufacturing of after market flexible floating photovoltaic modules[edit | edit source]

  1. Open-source method to build flexible floating PV systems PV Magazine 81k -
  2. Open-source method to build flexible floating PV systems - finanznachrichten de 43.7k
  3. Método open source para construir sistemas fotovoltaicos flotantes flexibles - PV Magazine Mexico
  4. Une méthode open source pour créer des installations PV flottantes- PV Magazine France

The Economics of Classroom 3-D Printing of Open-Source Digital Designs of Learning Aids [edit | edit source]

  1. 3D printed learning aids could provide teachers with 86% cost savings - 3D Printing Industry 69k
  2. The Case For 3D Printing Learning Aids Fabbaloo 107k

Create, Share, and Save Money Using Open-Source Projects[edit | edit source]

  1. reddit
  2. Joshua Pearce: 3D Printing Waste into Profit - MTU Blog 16.5k
  3. 29 Best Sites to Read Online or Download Free Books (Legally) in 2020 Up Journey 84.3k
  4. How to influence people to join open source- 6.3k
  5. Milly Space
  6. Make:cast – Make Anything with Open Source Projects43.2k (listen)
    1. Flipboard7.4k
    2. Spreaker5.9k
  7. Thanks for Sharing: Reusable Open Source Hardware Respirators- Machine Design 55.2k
  8. It’s National STEAM Day And We Know How To Celebrate!- Mothering 132k
  9. Michigan Tech Open Sustainability Technology Sharing Award - MTU 16.5k
  10. The Magic of Open Source - Rouges Magazine
  11. Open-source Maker, Mover and Shaker Takes Share-everything Philosophy to the Mainstream- MTU News 16.9k
    1. Newswise 37.9k
    2. NewsBreak 1.55k
  12. com/stories/a-discussion-with-joshua-pearce-on-thriving-without-money-by-harnessing-open-source/ A Discussion With Joshua Pearce on Thriving Without Money by Harnessing Open Source Thrive Global 5756
  13. Book of the Week: Create, Share, and Save Money Using Open-Source Projects - Fabbaloo 113k
  14. 21 inspiring, must-read books for 2021 -Shareable 397k

Misc[edit | edit source]

  1. Tratado de No-Proliferación Nuclear 2020: ¿hacia una Crisis Profunda? Diaro Constitucional 210k (Spanish)
  2. 手机信号塔的辐射风险是否被低估了? (Is the radiation risk of cell phones underestimated?) - Nei (China)
  3. The Maker Movement Unmade? Part 6: The Community Responds, Continued 3D Print 78.9k
  4. Is NASA a Waste of Money? Machine Design 45k
  5. Solar and the snow PV Magazine 154.9k
  6. Trump wants to invest big in nuclear weapons: report Raw Story 7.5k
  7. La impresión 3D o la apuesta por la sostenibilidad en la fabricación Intermpresas(Spanish) 42.1k
  8. 2020 energy trends affecting consumers Save on Energy 171k
  9. 3D Printing: A Technology of Degrowth? Part 13D Print 80.5k
  10. 3D Printing: A Technology of Degrowth? Part 2 3D Print 80.5k, NewsBreak13.4k
  11. Solar Rising Michigan Tech Research Magazine 16.5k
  12. Thanks to 3D printing, the future of toys is faster and cheaper Experience Magazine
  13. DSM and JuggerBot 3D partner to advance pellet extrusion 3D printing 3D Printing Industry 75.4k
  14. Climate Disrupted: A Circular Economy 3D Print 77.7k
  15. Climate Disrupted: Emergency Response 3DPrint 78k
  16. Review article on open source ventilators for COVID-19 - Content Cafe
  17. Keweenaw joins grassroots movement to make facemasks Keewanaw Now
  18. Desktop FDM 3D Printing: Tensile Strength of ABS, PC, HIPS, PA and Ninjaflex 3DPrint, 3D Printing Today
  19. Beware of big action with little results The Straights Times 1674
  20. These open-source projects are helping to tackle the coronavirus ZD Net 2339
  21. Nitrate Biosensor - Case Study Environmental Expert 84k
  22. Success in Education: Michigan Technological University Offers Comprehensive 3D Printing Technology Workshop to Teachers 3D Print 76.5k
  23. 3D Printing and COVID-19, April 28, 2020 Update 3D Print 76.5k
  24. Tecnologie di stampa 3D open-source per l’istruzione: portare la produzione additiva in classe Stamparein 3D Italiant
  25. $50 Open-Source Colorimeter is Remarkable in Comparison to Commercial Models 3D Print 76.5k
  26. Imagining an altered food landscape in a post-corona world Biz Community 12k (S. Africa)
  27. Q&A with the MTU Masterminds of 3D-printed PPE Unscripted MTU 18047, Keewanaw Report
  28. COVID-19 and 3D Printing: Go Open Source to Save Lives 3D Print 77.9k
  29. Improving the Circular Economy of 3D Printing with Plastic Recycling 3D Print 78.1k
  30. .com/2020/05/27/pouch-lamination-technique-for-solar-cell-encapsulation/ Pouch lamination technique for solar cell encapsulation PV Magazine 78.3k
  31. 3D Printing and COVID-19, May 29, 2020 Update: Lessons for Going Forward 3D Print 76k
  32. Could Police Actually Shut Down a City’s Cell Service? Slate 2260
  33. Why Homeschool? Parents, Educators & Students Comment On The Benefits Of Homeschooling Outwittrade 91.9k
  34. Floatovoltaics are a cool way to super-charge your solar panels with water Boing Boing 7.4k, Opera News 98.4k
  35. 3D Printing: Reshaping our Engineering Culture? Innovative applications of 3D printing are reshaping our engineering culture Plastics Engineering 649
  36. Universities the world needs: Michigan Tech Materials Science and Engineering Study International 52k (also quote Tessa and Matt)
  37. Materials Take a Giant Leap Forward in 3D Printing Digital Engineering 72.6k
  38. COVID-19 Research and Development with MATLAB and Simulink MathWorks - Ventilator Research and Development Resources 1.8k
  39. Using 3D Printing to Improve Sports Equipment GrabCAD blog 8k
  40. Why Solar Panels in the UK Are a Great Option Green Match UK 113k
  41. Viral Response Roundtable 4: How to audit and gain accreditation for COVID-19 products Viral Response
  42. Open Research Community
  43. Research equipment based on open source designs Vienna Scientific
  44. Are solar rooftops practical for Texas homes? Pros of a solar rooftop- Choose Energy 172k
  45. Are solar rooftops practical for Texas homes? Cons of a solar rooftop- Choose Energy 172k
  46. Solceller Jämför pris och kvalitet på solceller - Beställ flera offerter kostnadsfritt!Greenmatch Sweden
  47. Open Source and Renewable Energy Solutions to Improve our Quality of Life Conduct Science 266k
  48. A new energy future fueled by Emirati and Israeli peace Green Prophet 199k
  49. COVID-19 Pandemic Revealed Underlying Energy Justice Crises, Study Finds WKAR PBS/NPR
  50. 3D Printing for Preppers: An Overview of Disaster 3D Printing 3D Print 66k
  51. From Prototype to Product: The Rise of 3D Metal Printing Machine Design 54.7k
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