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  1. CBC radio solar powered cars
  2. As the coronavirus interrupts global supply chains, people have an alternative – make it at home - San Francisco Times 278k
  3. Benesch 3D Printing Quarterly Report - Q4 2020 JD Supra 19.9k, Mondaq 10k
  4. Is Wireless Technology an Environmental Health Risk?- Society of Environmental Journalists
  5. Circular Economy Under-explored in 3D Printing, Say Researchers 3D Print 70.5k
  6. Thanks for Sharing: Reusable Open Source Hardware Respirators- Machine Design 53k
  7. How Solar Photovoltaic Hybrid Systems Can Bring Huge Returns on Investment for Nigerian Businesses TechLoy (Medium) 75
  8. 10 ways to get started with open source in 2021 8.4k
    1. 2021 年开始使用开源的 10 种方式 Linux CN 20.7k
    2. Zhuanlan 80
    3. 163 74
  9. Portuguese researchers call for wider research into circular 3D printing materials 3D Printing Industry 86.8k
  10. ca/wireless-technology-environmental-health-risk/5734909 Is Wireless Technology an Environmental Health Risk? Global Research (Canada) 29.2k
  11. Use of Artificial Intelligence in Additive Manufacturing What Next 319k
  12. Le broyeur open-source facilite les vis de compression pour les extrudeuses en plastique - Zephyrnet 36.7k
  13. Digital Transformation in Turbulent Times- Digital Engineering 24-7 285k
  14. Open Hardware Needs Policy Attention Now: A Summary - Open BioEconomy
  15. Get Better at Garbage- Episode 24: How to turn your plastic waste into profit utilizing the DRAM 3D printing method. - Anchor FM 1.7k
  16. How Solar Photovoltaic Hybrid Systems Can Bring Huge Returns on Investment for Nigerian Businesses Medium Techloy 71
  17. Solceller-Jämför pris och kvalitet på solceller - Beställ flera offerter kostnadsfritt! Green Match Se
  18. Why is America getting a new $100 billion nuclear The Bulletin 142k
  19. Climate Change Experts Speak On The Texas Snow Crisis Grit Daily 93k
  20. Stratasys heated build chamber for 3D printer patent US6722872B1 set to expire this week 3D Printing Industry 82.7k
    1. Stampare in 3D
  21. 3D Systems and Jabil Create ‘High Speed Fusion’ Filament 3D Printing Technology 3D Print 71k
  22. The Surprising Source of Greenhouse Gas Emissions EOS 258k
  23. For A Green Future "Solar Supports You!" 022821 Episode 112
Google sheets: For A Green Future "Solar Supports You!" 022821 Episode 112
Authors: For A Green Future
Language: English (en)
  1. Smart meters, solar panels could improve energy reliability amid climate change Spartan News 4.8k
  2. REMADE will fund numerous plastics recycling efforts
  3. 3D打印如何帮助关节炎患者摆脱病痛 (How 3D printing can help arthritis patients get rid of their pain )- Sohu 6
  4. Protein Power MTU Research Magazine 18.7k
  5. 'Smart meters, solar panels could improve energy reliability amid climate change' the Great Lakes Echo
  6. Why combining farms and solar panels could transform how we produce both food and energy The Counter 140k
  7. Painel solar fotovoltaico converte raios solares em energia elétrica Ecycle 36.2k
  8. This source of greenhouse gas emissions might surprise you GreenBiz 47.5k
  9. The Cost of Solar Panels – and Are They Worth It? US News and World Report 501
    1. Yahoo News 11
    2. Yahoo Finance 11
    3. MSN Money 57
    4. .com/article/finance/solar-panel-cost Nerd Wallet 926
    5. Wtop 19k
    6. Report Door 69.7k
    7. 理財Q&A/安裝太陽能電池板要多少錢?值得投資嗎? World Journal
  10. Discover Economic Benefits at Home with NinjaFlex TPU 3D Printer Filadent Ninjatek
  11. Transforming Farms and Food Production With Solar Panels Governing 66.8k
  12. 3-D Printing Stocks Are Still Running on Hype Wall Street Journal 463
  13. Biden claims clean energy jobs can replace fossil fuel ones. Is this true? The Millennial Source 530k
  14. 3D Printing for Preppers: Ruggedized 3D Printers for Austere Environments 3D Print 66k
  15. 3D Printing for Preppers: Ruggedized 3D Printers for Austere Environments Daily Prepper News
  16. Plant Protein Extractor – an Open Source High Impact Solution Proofing Future
  17. Now I Am Turn into Loss of life, The Destroyer of Worlds Informational King
  18. ‘Where appropriate, agrivoltaics can certainly be a viable and meaningful alternative to large-scale solar’ PV Magazine 64k
  19. How Efficient Are Solar Panels? Semprius
  20. Telekom hält am Mobilfunkmasten am Ortsrand fest Schwebische (German) 134k
  21. Forecasting the laboratory supply chain use MLO
  22. How many people would it take to fund greening the entire US electric grid?- KTVN 34k
  23. Study: cut heating costs this winter with a tag team of solar and heat pumps The Cowboy Channel 33k, MENAFN 19k
  24. Worried about access to meat because of shortages? New study: Use your backyard MENAFN 19k
  25. Can Solar Farms Help Save Bees? Discover Magazine 14.4k
  26. Environmental Friendliness and Benefits of 3D Printing Zobuzz 134k
  28. NUCLEAR WARNING Just 100 of the world’s 15,000 nuclear bombs are needed to devastate the planet and kill two billion people, chilling study warns The Sun 2098
  29. Engineering Study: floating solar panels could help save the west from the heat KTVN 40.5k
  30. Smart meters, solar panels could improve energy reliability amid climate change Mining Journal
  31. €1 Million Prize for Plastics-to-Protein Research Awarded to Steve Techtmann, Ting Lu MTU News 23k
  32. Environmental Friendliness and Benefits of 3D Printing ZoBuz 110k
  33. Telekom hält am Mobilfunkmasten am Ortsrand fest Schwaebische 131k
  34. 6 Tech Trends That Will Dominate Bolly Inside 106k
  35. Consumers Energy celebrates new solar power plant in Cadillac, Michigan Huron Daily Tribune, Midland Daily News
  36. Turning plastic into food | Science and Technology News Explica 47k
  37. Convertir plástico en alimento NCYT
  38. Free Book on Nearly Free Energy: To Catch The Sun MENAFN 17.6k
  39. Pros and Cons of Solar Energy Choose Energy 310k
  40. Just press print: New study shows how 3-D printing at home saves big bucks Project Topics 26.6k
  42. What are agrivoltaics, and can they make money? Farmtario
  43. Egy új fejlesztéssel szinte ingyen telepíthető napelem Tisztajovo (Hungarian on solar fence)

The Economics of Classroom 3-D Printing of Open-Source Digital Designs of Learning Aids[edit | edit source]

  1. The Economics of Classroom 3-D Printing of Open-Source Digital Designs of Learning Aids - 3D Print 68.8k
  2. Jak druk 3D pomaga nauczycielom zaoszczędzić 450 tys. dolarów rocznie? - CD3D (Poland)
  3. 使用3D打印机制造开源教具,成本降低超90% - CWIW (China)
  4. Pomoce szkolne drukowane w 3D – tańsza i lepsza alternatywa dla konwencjonalnych przyrządów dydaktycznych - Materialination (Polish)

Towards Quantifiable Metrics Warranting Industry-Wide Corporate Death Penalties[edit | edit source]

  1. Tobacco Industry Killed More Americans Than COVID19 in 2020 -EIN 23.8k
    1. International Business Times - 55.7k
  2. Tobacco Killed More Americans than COVID-19 in 2020: Does it Warrant Corporate Death Penalty? American Security Today 172k
  3. Action on Smoking and Health

Distributed manufacturing of after market flexible floating photovoltaic modules, Water Conservation Potential of Self-Funded Foam-Based Flexible Surface-Mounted Floatovoltaics[edit | edit source]

  1. What do pool floaties and the future of energy have in common? -EIN 23.8k
    1. MENAFN-20.1k
    2. NBC WFMJ Youngstown 16.7k
  2. How could pool floaties revolutionize the solar industry? - List Solar 475k
  3. Studies: Foam+Floating Solar Crushes Cost of Solar Energy While Saving Water AP News 619
  4. Engineering Study: floating solar panels could help save the west from the heat EIN 24.2k

Technical pathways for distributed recycling of polymer composites for distributed manufacturing: Windshield wiper blades[edit | edit source]

  1. How to turn plastic waste in your recycle bin into profit The Conversation 1759 (<450k)
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    10. Seattle Pi 24k
    11. Good News Network 29.5k
    12. Times Union 30k
    13. CT Post
    14. My SanAntonio 41k
    15. Big News Network 41.3k
    16. The Stamford Advocate 46k
    17. The Hour 55k
    18. SanAntonio Express 57k
    19. Greenwich Time 64k
    20. LMT online 77k
    21. New Times 83k
    22. Manufacturing Net 109k
    23. New Haven Register 121k
    24. The Telegraph 128k
    25. WorkDisk 140k
    26. Inner Self 141k
    27. Beaumont Enterprise 142k
    28. Idaho Press 182k
    29. Ampgoo 204k
    30. Middletown press 305k
    31. Quality Digest 312k
    32. Midland Daily News 340k
    33. Fairfield Citizen 385k
    34. Register Citizen 443k
    35. Huran Daily Tribune 444k
    36. Manufacturing Business Technology
    37. Self Reliance Central
    38. Circular Economy Life
    39. Lake County News
  2. International
    1. Como reciclar seus resíduos plásticos e lucrar com issoGlobo 207
    2. Come trasformare in profitto i rifiuti di plastica Reccom Mag
    3. 如何将回收站中的塑料废物转化为利润 InnerSelf 122k
    4. Así es como puedes reciclar desechos plásticos para crear nuevos objetos u obtener 'un varito' El Financiero 4029
    5. Turn Plastic Waste into Profit Myanmar Times 22k

A review of the value of solar methodology with a case study of the U.S. VOS[edit | edit source]

  1. Shining a light on the true value of solar power MTU News 17.9k
    1. Science Daily 3.7k
    2. Eureka Alert 14.7k
    3. Techxplore 40.7k
    4. Newswise 44.6k
    5. 15 Minute News 46k
    6. Bolly Inside 90k
    7. Eurasia Review 134k
    8. Environmental News Network 300k
    9. Scien Mag
    10. Daily Solar Power News
    11. QNews Hub
    12. Morning News
    13. Ethical Editor
  2. Your Neighbor's Solar Panels Are Secretly Saving You Money Yahoo 11
  3. Your Neighbor's Solar Panels Are Secretly Saving You Money Popular Mechanics 4.8k
    1. Newsbreak 2.9k
  4. How Rooftop Solar Benefits Your Neighbors Treehugger 10.2k
    1. Knowledia 71.2k
  5. Own a solar panel? You’re probably lowering energy costs for all your neighbors ZME Science 53.7k
  6. US scientists claim PV system owners subsidize their non-PV neighbors PV Magazine 66k
  7. Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #442 Watts up with that 92k
  8. Study shows homeowners with PV are subsidizing their neighbors Renewable Energy World 114k
  9. The true value of solar: turns out solar panels on your house actually benefits your entire community PV Buzz
  10. Solar Panels Make “Great Citizens” Climate Denial Crock of the Week
  12. Ebene Magazine
  13. Beaming a light on real value of solar power List Solar
  14. Is Rooftop Solar Under Threat In Florida? WMFE
  15. Will You Need To Invest In Solar Panels? -NEW ENERGY AND FUEL
  16. Michigan bill may unlock community solar and your state should follow suit Power Grid International 619k
  17. Rooftop Solar Incentives At Stake In Upcoming Green Cove Springs Council Vote WJCT 368k

3 The Value of Solar - Distributed Solar Benefits Everyone (Even Utilities) Clean Energy Action

Electric Vehicle Charging Potential from Retail Parking Lot Solar Photovoltaic Awnings[edit | edit source]

  1. As 'Future You' Shops, Solar Awnings May Recharge Your Vehicle MTU News 18.6k
    1. Eureka Alert 14.9k
    2. Newswise 35.2k
    3. The Lode
  2. Il parcheggio? Ricarica l'elettrica con l'energia solare Repubblica (Italy - 300k circ) 702
    1. MSN Italy 57
  3. Solar awnings over parking lots help companies and customers Science Daily 4.7k
    1. Knowldia 72.7k
  4. Model for solar awnings to recharge vehicles Tech and Science Post
  5. Solar awnings could charge your car while you shop Centered Tech
  6. Solar awnings over parking lots help companies and customers ScienMag
  7. Parking? Recharge your car with solar energy Corrier Equotidiano
  8. Charge your electric vehicle with solar while you shop — a win-win for vehicle owners and retailers alike PV Buzz
  9. Solar awnings over parking lots aid business as well as consumers List Solar
  10. Placa solar une energia elétrica e sustentabilidade e Cycle 68.9k

Towards Quantifiable Metrics Warranting Industry-Wide Corporate Death Penalties[edit | edit source]

  1. Tobacco killed 500,000 Americans in 2020 – is it time to control cigarette-makers? The Conversation 1784
    1. Yahoo 11
    2. Chron 438
    3. Salon 3358
    4. St. Louis Post-Dispatch 13.2k
    5. Medical Express19k
    6. Times Union 29.7k
    7. Napa Valley Register77k
    8. Dispatch Argus 295k
    9. Edwardsville (IL) Intelligencer 439k
  2. Tobacco Killed 500,000 Americans In 2020 Patch 334
  3. Tobacco killed 500,000 Americans in 2020 — same as the pandemic The Print (India) 5430
  4. Is It Time to Control Cigarette-Makers? Industrial Equipment News 313k
    1. Manufacturing Net 101k
  5. Joshua M. Pearce: Ways to kill Big Tobacco Bryan Times

Open Source High-Temperature Reprap for 3-D Printing Heat-Sterilizable PPE and Other Applications[edit | edit source]

  1. Affordable high-temperature 3D printers at home 5.5k
    1. Mangalore Mirror
  2. 在家就能用得起的高温 3D 打印机 Linux.Cn 34.5k
  3. 在家就能用得起的高温 3D 打印机 | Linux 中国 Zhuanlan Zhihu (Know China Question and answer) 101
  4. You can now 3D print a triple-axis tourbillon clock for less than $100 on MyMiniFactory 3D Printing Industry 69.8k

U.S. Potential of Sustainable Backyard Distributed Animal and Plant Protein Production During & After Pandemics[edit | edit source]

  1. Backyard Chickens, Rabbits, Soybeans Can Meet Household Protein Demand MTU News 19.8k
  2. Reddit 19 (14.6k likes)
  3. Science Daily 3.9k
  4. FlipBoard 5.1k
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  6. Eureka Alert 13.9k
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  18. Morning Ag Clips 448k
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  21. Florida News Time
  22. Teknodate
  23. Science Codex
  24. AZO Life Sciences
  25. Data Emia
  26. Montana Living
  27. Gardening saves humanity yet again: Study reveals benefits of growing protein in your backyard Fast Company 3.2k
  28. How a “Typical” Household Can Meet Its Protein Needs Technology Networks 38.7k
  29. Backyards could supply between 50% to 100% of your family’s protein needs ZME Science 46.6k
  30. Can you grow enough protein in your backyard? New Food Magazine 90k
  31. The backyard can supply 50% to 100% of your family’s protein requirements Jioforme 65k
  32. Can Backyard Chickens or Gardens Supply a Household’s Protein Needs? Modern Farmer 69.9k
  34. Backyard chickens, rabbits, soybeans can meet household protein demand My Vet Candy
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