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  • Ten Million a Year, David Wallace-Wells on polluted air, Dec 2 [1] "Ten million people die every year from air pollution, perhaps 8 million from the burning of fossil fuels. Ten million a year is 100 million a decade. It's 400 million in my lifetime. Everything we burn, we breathe." David Wallace-Wells [2] ...Environment quality news
  • Ten ways to confront the climate crisis without losing hope, Rebecca Solnit, Nov 18 [3] ...Climate news 2021
  • Revealed: the places humanity must not destroy to avoid climate chaos, Nov 18 [4] ...Climate news 2021
  • The Healing Work of Returning Stolen Lands, PennElys Droz, Nov 15 [5] ...Ecological restoration California
  • Carbon emissions show rapid rebound after Covid dip, Nov 4 [6] ...Climate news 2021

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2.5 billion people world wide lack access to basic sanitation. This results in illnesses and deaths including 2 million deaths a year due to diarrhea. Composting toilets are a cheap and efficient option for sanitation. They save water, produce good quality compost and reduce the incidence of intestinal infections and other diseases.This is one project in a series of soil conservation, groundwater recharge, and farming demonstration projects at Pedregal a Permaculture Demonstration Center in San Andres Huayapam, Mexico.

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Masanobu Fukuoka
Observe Nature thoroughly rather than labor thoughtlessly.
— Masanobu Fukuoka
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