Me in 2021.
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Location San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hi! My name is Felipe, I'm a freelance web developer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, specialized in MediaWiki and currently working for the Appropedia Foundation to improve Appropedia. If I made a mistake somewhere, please be cool, let me know and I'll fix it asap, thanks!

Time tracking[edit | edit source]

  • mediawiki2latex - 2 hours
  • Extensions, skin & scripts - 13 hours
  • Templates - 7 hours
  • Documentation, categorization, normalization, organization, simplification - 7 hours
  • Research, emails, messages, talks - 2 hours

Site sustainability tips[edit | edit source]

  • Categories
    • Overall, categories are old technology and should not proliferate. Only the most general, important and unavoidable categories should exist.
    • Instead of categories, use the keywords parameters of Template:Page data
    • If you want to create a category to track some work in progress, consider creating a simple list of links in your user page.
    • Categories should contain no text, only pages and Template:Category data.
    • Flat is better than nested: avoid sub-sub-categories as the plague
    • Only create categories when there're several (say, 10 or more) pages for it. Don't create categories before needing them.
  • Actively avoid complexity and strive towards simplicity
    • Use meta-templates to reduce templates
    • Avoid nested templates in content pages
    • Ideally, template parameters should be simple key-value pairs: all markup and complexities should go within the template itself
    • Keep a close correlation between template parameters and semantic properties, for example derivative-of and Property:Derivative of
    • Avoid custom namespaces (given the extremely diverse nature of pages in the main namespace of Appropedia, there should be no need for custom namespaces)
    • Merge related pages to have fewer, better ones
  • Prefer well-supported extensions, especially Wikimedia-supported ones
  • Keep MediaWiki updated and never modify the source code
  • Convention over configuration and sensible defaults on templates
  • Use modern web standards and structured data for rich results