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Appropedia is a free environment where you can experiment with anything the wiki software allows, as long as it furthers our vision to build rich and sustainable lives.

Appropedia is a free mix of many types of pages. The only thing tying them together is our vision: help build rich and sustainable lives. Feel free to create, experiment, and have fun!

Categories are somewhere between directories and tags. They are not perfectly hierarchical like directories, nor are they perfectly horizontal like tags. They are a bit of both. Categories may belong to other categories (like directories), but pages may belong to more than one category (like tags and unlike directories). Use them however you find convenient!

Much time and effort has been wasted trying to make sense or organize Appropedia's category structure. Don't do that.

A project is an organized effort to achieve a particular goal. Projects are the main unit of content in Appropedia and come in many sizes and flavors:

  • Some projects are developed by a single person and occupy a single page (example)
  • Some are developed by a single organization and span several pages (example)
  • Some are developed by many organizations and may span hundreds of pages (example)

Related pages are usually linked together using one or more of the following methods:

  • They are all subpages of the main project page (example)
  • They all share a common template, usually a notice or menu (example)
  • They are all included in the same category (example)
  • They all share the same prefix (example)

Books and organizations may be considered projects too.

Ontology[edit | edit source]

  • Documentation / Projects / Project documentation - Pages documenting a project, written in a personal, usually first-person style
    • Equivalent project: ?
  • Articles / Encyclopedic articles - Pages about a topic, written in a neutral, impersonal, encyclopedic style
    • Equivalent project: Wikipedia
  • Books / Ebooks - Organized collections of pages on a single topic
    • Equivalent project: Wikibooks
  • Essays - Pages expressing a personal view or opinion
    • Equivalent project: ?
  • How-tos - Generic, step-by-step instructions on how to do something
    • Equivalent project: Wikihow
  • Courses
    • Equivalent project: Wikiversity?
  • News
    • Equivalent project: Wikinews
  • Maps
  • Literature reviews
  • Disambiguation pages

Highlighted project[edit | edit source]

Hexayurt sa.jpg
The Hexayurt is a refugee shelter system based on work done at the Rocky Mountain Institute. It uses an approach based on "autonomous building" to provide not just a shelter, but a comprehensive family support unit which includes drinking water purification, composting toilets, fuel-efficient stoves and solar electric lighting. Other systems can be added in a modular fashion. Here is a one page summary (pdf). Vinay Gupta invented the basic shape for classic hexayurts and a number of variations, and placed it in the Public Domain. This allows others to develop the original idea further. This wiki page, and associated pages, are the repository for hexayurt do-it-yourself building data, and primarily reference building techniques

Content[edit | edit source]

Total: 15,188

Type Count
Translations 4270
Projects 6546
Books 1192
Organizations 533
Topics 655
People 28

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