Key data[edit | edit source]

Using I tested the following keywords:

climate action
climate action uk
climate action london
climate action england
climate news
climate news uk
climate news london
climate news england
community action
community action uk
community action london
community action england
community action sustainability
community action for sustainability
community involvement

Of all the keywords, the only ones with more than 10 searches per month were:

  • climate news: ~13,000 global searches per month, keyword difficulty SUPER HARD both in the US and the UK (~600 backlinks to rank in the top 10)
  • community action: ~50,000 global searches per month, keyword difficulty HARD in the US (~200 backlinks) and in the UK (~100 backlinks)
  • community involvement: ~6300 global searches per month, keyword difficulty MEDIUM in the US (~20 backlinks) and LOW in the UK (~10 backlinks)
  • climate action: ~4800 global searches per month, keyword difficulty SUPER HARD both in the US and the UK (~700 backlinks)

Proposed strategies[edit | edit source]

Community involvement[edit | edit source]

Looking at your top 100 pages by page views, I used to sort them by organic search traffic and found out that the top page was Community involvement. Therefore it seems that page is an opportunity, since it has high search volume, relatively low keyword difficulty, and already ranks in the top 10 for all its keywords.

Climate news[edit | edit source]

2021 analytics for Climate news 2021 showing a total of 89 pageviews throughout the year.

Looking at Google Analytics it can be seen that Climate news 2021 got very little to zero traffic from any means (organic traffic, direct traffic, etc). This page should get much more views as it has highly valuable content for users interested in sustainability and climate action, as well as for keeping Appropedia fresh and updated. This doesn't mean that no one read it because users can access its content through the homepage without having to enter the page.

Anyway, this information tells us that a change in how Climate news 2022 is presented should be made to maximize its impact. Here are some ideas:

However, I did a batch analysis for all the "Climate news" pages and they only have 1-2 backlinks each, so even putting all together, they won't compete for the main "climate news" keyword (yet). Nevertheless, if we don't do this we'll never have a chance, and we can still get decent traffic from the homepage.

News could be defined at only a few central locations using Template:News and they can later be queried at other pages using Template:Newslist. See for example News and Argentina community action#Climate news.

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