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Under preparation.

Project Part A: PV Racking Concept Study[edit | edit source]

We are testing a new racking concept and need to learn how much hotter the modules run and if water is infiltrating into the roof because of the rack.

Using only OS components, we need to be able to measure:

  1. temperature of test modules
  2. temperature of control modules
  3. moisture under roof
  4. data log the whole thing

Perhaps every 15 minutes - store data for 6 months or a year at time if possible. This will then be analysed with the data coming from microinverters on the PV modules collected as part of the massive KRC study on PV performance. See KRC data:MOST

Approaches[edit | edit source]

Project Part B: Snow melters for PV[edit | edit source]

This is more involved - will need to determine when heaters on the back of PV modules should be activated to clear snow. Working with industrial partner -- again Arduino based, data logging, but also dispatch strategy and activation of heaters.

For background on the snow studies to date see: