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About me[edit]

I am a graduate student at Michigan Technological University studying Material science and engineering. I have received my undergrad degree in Automobile engineering from VNR VignanaJyiothi Institute of engineering and Technology, Hyderabad, India. I am a student at Michigan Tech. since Jan 2019.

Past projects[edit]

I have worked on two big projects and many other minor projects during my undergraduate studies in India. Brief Summaries and detailing of my two big projects are mentioned below

Fierce Formula India VF06

Description: A formula racing car has been designed and fabricated as per rules and guidelines of SAE, All the parts of the car are custom made and designed by our team as per SAE rules, regulations and competition requirements. The engine used in the car is a 400cc KTM engine which churns out a peak power of 44bhp. The body, chassis and many other components are custom made and designed to get maximum endurance and performance out of car.

Role on team: Power train development and performance testing.

VNRVJIET Campus E-Vehicle

Description: A Plug-in electric vehicle has been developed in two months which is currently serving as a campus shuttle. The vehicle is capable of carrying upto eight passengers and has been designed to travel at speeds of college speed limit and good enough to serve the commute of people in campus for one whole day continuously. Through this project the advantages of a fully electric vehicle over conventional I.C engine powered vehicle have been studied.

Role on team: Power train development, vehicle dynamics, driveline designer.

Research Interests and Current studies[edit]

Electric Vehicles and its Battery systems

The big answer to the vanishing crude oil from earth is here Electric vehicles. I am pretty sure that the future of automotives and transportation Industry will definitely be electrified. Coz the only alternative to drive our cars, trucks, bikes etc. without gasoline is electrification of it and of course we can also be a part of making the earth more greener by reducing emission of green house gases by our automotives. Though electric vehicles have got a lot of engineering and mindwork into them, One main component that plays a key role is its battery pack. This particular component of an electric vehicle solely responsible for its performance and endurance on par with conventional I.C powered vehicles. This particular thing need a lot of research and development into it. Currently we need our battery packs in present day electric vehicles to be high on range, fire hazard proof, temperature fluctuations resistance etc. This concern of mine towards protecting mother earth has led me to start studying materials science and engineering where I would learn deeply about the materials and their properties and also do research for developing better battery materials that would lead to making of reliable and high standard battery packs.

Solar Photovoltaics

Electricity, This has got a lot of importance in our day to day lives practically without which man's life on earth is practically impossible nowadays. Generation of this and paying for it daily is definitely a very big bet and the very good alternative to it would be using the most abundant resource available to man on this earth which happens to be Sunlight. I have decided to do research on Solar photovoltaic materials, its efficiency and racking design for a more durable and cost effective setup of Solar plants.