This page is part of an international project to use RepRap 3-D printing to make OSAT for sustainable development. Learn more.

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During the 3-D printer workshop, teams of two teachers will work together to construct a pair of MOST Delta 3-D printers. The printers will be assembled over two days with one printer being completed each day, so the second day should proceed at a faster pace than the first. A team of experienced facilitators will roam the room helping each team to complete assembly. Printers will then be commissioned and you will be introduced to the software and resources available to get the very most out of your new 3-D printer.

Snacks and beverages will be provided throughout the event and there will also be a lunch break with meal provided. Guest speakers will make short presentations during breaks, sharing their experiences with the printers and introducing you to the world of open-source 3-D designing and printing. Assembling a 3-D printer is challenging, and we've put a lot of thought and effort into making a kit that can be built in eight hours or less by someone possessing average mechanical skills. Preparation is essential and the following must be completed prior to attending the workshop.

  1. Review the MOST RepRap Primer MOST_RepRap_Primer. Note that the 3-D printer pictured is NOT what you will be assembling at the workshop.
  2. Review the MOST Delta build overview Delta_Build_Overview:MOST and feel free to go through the build process as this is the very process you will be following during the workshop (with help). Note that you will not be soldering, drilling holes or assembling the hot end. Those tasks have already been done for you.
  3. Everyone must bring a properly prepared laptop. ASSURE THAT YOU HAVE ADMINISTRATIVE PRIVILEGES ON SAID LAPTOP! Previous experience has been that laptops provided by school districts are locked down, making it impossible for you or the facilitators to make any changes that might be necessary to complete commissioning, which brings progress to a full and frustrating stop. BEFORE COMING TO THE WORKSHOP, on that laptop, install the software summarized under the Before You Begin section of the MOST Delta build overview


  1. Join the MOST Delta User group (

Simple toolkits having the bare essentials required to assemble the kit and maintain the printer will be given to every workshop attendee. Note “bare essentials”: You're invited to bring additional tools. Of particular value will be needle nose pliers, diagonal cutter, small vice grips, utility knife, mechanics gloves and a magnifying glass. Make sure any tools you bring are clearly identified as belonging to you.

You're encouraged to consume as much information as you can about RepRaps, delta printers (like the Rostock and Kossel), Repetier Firmware, Repetier Host, Cura, Arduino and OpenSCAD before you come to the workshop.

We look forward to meeting you at the workshop!

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