Articles and Papers about 3D Printing Safety[edit | edit source]

Please add links to papers and articles related to safety when 3D printing:

Popular Press[edit | edit source]

Peer reviewed[edit | edit source]

  • Stephens, B., Azimi, P., El Orch, Z., & Ramos, T. (2013). Ultrafine particle emissions from desktop 3D printers. Atmospheric Environment, 79, 334-339. [1]
  • Afshar-Mohajer, N., Wu, C. Y., Ladun, T., Rajon, D. A., & Huang, Y. (2015). Characterization of particulate matters and total VOC emissions from a binder jetting 3D printer. Building and Environment, 93, 293-301. [2]
  • Cheves, S. (2014). A pilot study to evaluate VOCs outgassed in polymer filaments used in 3D printing.[3]
  • Oskui, S. M., Diamante, G., Liao, C., Shi, W., Gan, J., Schlenk, D., & Grover, W. H. (2015). Assessing and Reducing the Toxicity of 3D-Printed Parts.Environmental Science & Technology Letters.[4]
  • Zhou, Y., Kong, X., Chen, A., & Cao, S. (2015). Investigation of Ultrafine Particle Emissions of Desktop 3D Printers in the Clean Room. Procedia Engineering, 121, 506-512. [5]
  • Kim, Y., Yoon, C., Ham, S., Park, J., Kim, S., Kwon, O., & Tsai, P. J. (2015). Emissions of Nanoparticles and Gaseous Material from 3D printer Operation.Environmental Science & Technology.[6]
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