I'm a research scientist at Michigan Technological University providing research support across all technical domains and currently engaged in expanding possibilities for open-source 3-D printers with Joshua Pearce's MOST group.

Projects and Designs[edit | edit source]

  • [Low cost metal 3-D printer Open-source_metal_3-D_printer] derived from the Rostock delta 3-D printer and uses a relatively low cost, consumer-grade MIG welder to produce objects in steel and aluminum.
  • BubbleCounter is free and open-source software developed as macros for ImageJ. Its creation was funded entirely by Holcim, who made a generous contribution through Superior Ideas.
  • [Delta_Build_Overview:MOST MOST delta 3-D printer] designed to be robust, easy and inexpensive to build. It is a derivative of the Rostock delta 3-D printer.
  • [MOST Prusa 3-D printer MOST_RepRap_parallel_build_overview] is a mixup of various designs, including some homegrown, for the popular Prusa 3-D printer.
  • [Assembling_PlanetaryGearbox:MOST MOST planetary gearbox and extruder drive] is a parametric design in OpenSCAD for making 3-D printable planetary transmissions that are used on a number of MOST team projects.
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