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Open-Source Lab, 1st Edition: How to Build Your Own Hardware and Reduce Research Costs

Open-source Lab

Free content[edit | edit source]

FREE access to select content from Open-Source Lab: How to Build Your Own Hardware and Reduce Research Costs.

This guide details the development of the free and open-source hardware revolution and provides you with step-by-step instructions on building your own laboratory hardware.

In the first two chapters displayed here, the author defines the basic terms of open-source software and discusses the rise of the open-source hardware revolution and how it impacts science before exploring five pragmatic advantages to joining the open-source scientific community for both your research in general, and most importantly, your equipment and instrumentation.

Key Features[edit | edit source]

  • Numerous examples of technologies and the open-source user and developer communities that support them
  • Instructions on how to take advantage of digital design sharing
  • Explanations of Arduinos and RepRaps for scientific use
  • A detailed guide to open-source hardware licenses and basic principles of intellectual property

Description[edit | edit source]

Open-Source Lab: How to Build Your Own Hardware and Reduce Scientific Research Costs details the development of the free and open-source hardware revolution. The combination of open-source 3D printing and open-source microcontrollers running on free software enables scientists, engineers, and lab personnel in every discipline to develop powerful research tools at unprecedented low costs.

After reading Open-Source Lab, you will be able to:

  • Lower equipment costs by making your own hardware
  • Build open-source hardware for scientific research
  • Actively participate in a community in which scientific results are more easily replicated and cited

Examples[edit | edit source]

See also graphical abstract gallery of HardwareX

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Open source scientific hardware is open source hardware used by scientists to do research or for education. This gallery and associated sub-pages are an extension of the book the Open Source Lab, which is about how to make scientific equipment following open source principles.

Table of Contents[edit | edit source]

Open-source 3D Printing for Scientific Equipment


  1. Introduction to Open-Source Hardware for Science
  2. The Benefits of Sharing - Nice Guys and Girls Do Finish First
  3. Open Licensing - Advanced Sharing
  4. Open-Source Microcontrollers for Science: How to Use, Design Automated Equipment with, and Troubleshoot
  5. RepRap for Science: How to Use, Design, and Troubleshoot the Self-Replicating 3-D Printer
  6. Digital Designs and Scientific Hardware
    1. OpenSCAD, RepRap, and Arduino Microcontrollers
    2. Physics: Open-Source Optics
    3. Engineering: Open-Source Laser Welder, Radiation Detection, and Oscilloscopes
    4. Environmental Science: Open-Source Colorimeter and pH Meter
    5. Biology: OpenPCR, Open-Source Centrifuges and More
    6. Chemistry: Open-Source Spectrometers and Other Chemical Research Tools
  7. The Future of Open-Source Hardware and Science

See also[edit | edit source]

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External Links with Open Hardware for Science[edit | edit source]

Open-source Optical Microscope

Supporting publications and examples in the peer-reviewed literature[edit | edit source]

Making Open Hardware the New Standard in Science @ 2015 Open Source Hardware Summit

Now there are even journals fully dedicated to open hardware:

Pearce Group[edit | edit source]

Open Source Scientific Hardware Companies[edit | edit source]

Organisation URL Type of Org Category/Discipline
Adafruit https://www.adafruit.com/ company sensors and electronics
airgradient https://www.airgradient.com/ company environment
Arribada https://arribada.org company conservation
Backyard Brains https://backyardbrains.com company neuroscience
Bristlemouth https://www.bristlemouth.org/ open standard, housed by a company oceanography
Conservify http://conservify.org non-profit conservation
Electric Blue https://electricblue.eu/about-us cooperative environmental monitoring, biologging
EmbryoPhenomics https://www.embryophenomics.org/ research group but setting up a company embryonic development in aquatic animals
EnviroDIY https://www.envirodiy.org/shop/ non-profit environment
flyPAD https://flypad.rocks company animal behaviour (drosophila)
Gaudilabs https://gaudishop.ch/index.php/product-category/open-science-hardware/ company biology
IO Rodeo https://iorodeo.com company electrochemistry & biochemistry
IRNAS https://www.irnas.eu/ company open science hardware consulting
Manetco srl https://www.manetco.be/ company open science hardware consulting
Neuro Tinker https://open-neuroscience.com/post/neurotinker/ project neuroscience
Open Acoustic Devices https://www.openacousticdevices.info company acoustics
Open ePhys https://open-ephys.org project with company? neuroscience
OpenBCI https://openbci.com company neuroscience
OpenFlexure Industries https://openflexure.org company microscopy
OpenQCM https://openqcm.com/ company QCM
OpenROV https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/openrov/openrov-trident-an-underwater-drone-for-everyone oceonography
OpenTrons https://opentrons.com/ company lab automation
OptArc https://www.optarc.co.uk/ company microscopy
Pocket Science Lab https://pslab.io/ project with company? (environmental) sensors
Prometheus Science https://www.prometheus-science.com company open science hardware consulting
Public Lab https://publiclab.org non-profit environment
RedPitaya https://redpitaya.com/ company open science instruments
Safecast https://safecast.org non-profit environment
Sanworks https://sanworks.io/ company neuroscience
Sci-Bots https://sci-bots.com/ company microfluidics
Seeed https://www.seeedstudio.com/contacts company sensors and electronics
Smart Citizen Kit https://smartcitizen.me/ sold via Seeed Studio environment
Spark Fun https://www.sparkfun.com/ company sensors and electronics
Tympan https://shop.tympan.org company hearing aids
UC2 https://openuc2.com/ company microscopy
Upside Down Labs https://store.upsidedownlabs.tech/ company neuroscience
Libre Solar https://libre.solar company electronics for renewable energy systems
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