GNU/Linux is a free open-source operating system which has been steadily gaining popularity in institutions and with individual users. It has been used and promoted in developing countries where commercial operating systems are less affordable. Check the external links for more information.

Projects involving GNU/Linux can be found at Information and communication technology

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Central and South American GNU/Linux stories and examples[edit | edit source]

Spanish-language GNU/Linux resources[edit | edit source]

Installation Tips: How to replace Windows XP with Linux[edit | edit source]

  • [1] - (PDF, March 2, 2014) Simple instructions for installing the powerful and free operating system Lubuntu Linux on computers equipped with only 256 MB of memory (RAM) or more. Very good replacement for Windows XP.

Linux search[edit | edit source]

This searches a range of Linux-related websites. (It can be a better option than a websearch as there are no content farms or other spam sites here.) If you want to help improve the site, please leave a note for Chriswaterguy.

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(Note also the Linux and BSD search from nixCraft.)

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