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Open source scientific hardware is open source hardware used by scientists to do research or for education. This gallery of chemistry equipment and associated sub-pages are an extension of the book the Open Source Lab, which is about how to make scientific equipment following open source principles. Click on the hyperlinks under the images to go to pages with hundreds of examples. For a full list of equipment see: category:Open source scientific hardware

How to make 3-D printable chemical structures:

  • Scalfani, V.F., Williams, A.J., Tkachenko, V., Karapetyan, K., Pshenichnov, A., Hanson, R.M., Liddie, J.M. and Bara, J.E., 2016. Programmatic conversion of crystal structures into 3D printable files using Jmol. Journal of Cheminformatics, 8(1), p.66. [1]
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