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Cite as Citation reference for the source document. Maryam Mottaghi, Yuntian Bai, Apoorv Kulkarni, Joshua M. Pearce, Open Source Scientific Bottle Roller, HardwareX, 2023,e00445, preprint
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Authors Maryam Mottaghi
Yuntian Bai
Apoorv Kulkarni
Joshua M. Pearce
Location London, ON, Canada
Status Designed
Verified by FAST
Uses 3D Printing
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Design files
Hardware license CERN-OHL-S
Certifications Start OSHWA certification

Proprietary bottle rolling systems automate some laboratory applications, however, their high costs limit accessibility. This study provides designs of an open source bottle roller that is compatible with distributed digital manufacturing using 3-D printed parts and readily-available commercial components. The experimental results show that the open source bottle roller can be fabricated for CAD$210 (about USD$150) in materials, which is 86% less expensive than the most affordable proprietary bottle roller on the market. The design, however, is more robust with enhanced capabilities. The design can be adapted to the user’s needs, but is already compatible with incubators with a low profile (dimensions 50 cm x46 cm x8.8 cm) and capable of being operated at elevated temperatures. The systems can be adjusted to revolves from 1 to 200 RPM, exceeding the rotational speed of most commercial systems. The open source bottle roller as tested has a capacity greater than 1.2 kg and can roll twelve 100mL bottles simultaneously. Validation testing showed that it can operate for days at 80 RPM without human intervention or monitoring for days at both room temperature and elevated temperatures (50°C). Future work includes adapting the designs for different sizes and for different fabrication techniques to further reduce costs and increase flexibility.


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