Welcome to the Free Appropriate Sustainable Technology (FAST) research group run by Professor Joshua Pearce, the Thompson Chair in Information Technology and Innovation at the Thompson Centre for Engineering Leadership & Innovation. He holds appointments at Ivey Business School, the top ranked business school in Canada and the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Western University in Canada, a top 1% global university. Western is ranked #3 in the world for sustainability and Ivey is as well among business schools. FAST helps Western achieve its sustainability goals as we explore the way solar photovoltaic technology can sustainably power our society and how open-source hardware like open source appropriate technologies (or OSAT) and RepRap 3-D printing can drive distributed recycling and additive manufacturing (DRAM) (and maybe even social change).

Times Higher Education released its 2022 Impact Rankings, placing Western first in Canada and third in the world among universities working toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). FAST is proud to contribute to Western's commitment to addressing SDGs as part of Strategic Plan and our investment strategy of net zero investment goal.


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