2023 Misc[edit | edit source]

  1. Editorial: Agrivoltaics has potential Farmtario
  2. Tubesolar: Können röhrenförmige Solarmodule das Dilemma der Agro-Photovoltaik lösen? Reset
  3. These Eco-Friendly Wineries Are Built Sustainably from the Ground Up Wine Enthusiast
  4. What is the future of 3D printing? 80 additive manufacturing experts forecast 3D printing trends for 2023 3D Printing Industry
  5. 3D Printing Industry Executive Survey 2023, Additive Manufacturing Experts tackle the greatest engineering challenges of the coming decade 3D Printing Industry
  6. Behold the Power of Open Source Jobs: Scholars Weigh In Kanger.Dev
  7. Harnessing the Power of Age Diversity Excerpt from Harvard Business Review
  8. Solar panels and sheep get along just fine Gardening at last Canada
  9. A mais nova safra encontrada na fazenda: painéis solares MIT Tech Review Brazil
  10. How to expand solar power without using precious land Proceedings of the National Academy of the U.S.
  11. Does Solar Really Make a Difference? | A Look at Science, Marketing, and Consumer Feedback Best Company
  12. Expertos desmienten que paneles “solares” con CDs y cobre produzcan electricidad Associated Press
  13. NO FUE REAL: Una mirada a lo que no sucedió esta semana Associated Press
    1. SFGate
    2. LA Times
  14. Des chercheurs utilisent l’impression 3D pour réduire le coût des tables d’opération Primante 3D
  15. Best solar shed lights Consumer Affairs
  16. Big growth in wind and solar in 2022, but much more needed to hit feds’ climate goals, say renewable energy advocates The Hill Times
  17. Helping people from all walks of life Western U
  18. Are EVs As Clean As You Think? US Still Has A 'Dirty Grid' Problem, But Solar Set To Clear The Air Benzinga
  19. [Hhttps://romlec-bond.ngontinh24.com/article/here-are-some-tips-for-finding-the-best-solar-installers-near-you ere are some tips for finding the best solar installers near you. (2023) ] Romlec
  20. Closer to Taking Climate Criminals to Court Climate Crocks

Electric Vehicle Charging Potential from Retail Parking Lot Solar Photovoltaic Awnings[edit | edit source]

  1. Why Don't We Cover Every Parking Lot with Solar Panels? CNET
    1. Car Hot Center
  2. Why Not Cover Ugly Parking Lots With Solar Panels? Wired, Wired UK, Wired Italy
  3. New French law will blanket parking lots with solar panels Washington Post, Financial Post
    1. Francia cubrirá estacionamientos con paneles solares para generar energía renovable
  4. New French law will blanket parking lots with solar panels Energy Now
  5. Stat of the Week 11 Gigawatts New Republic
  6. Opinion/Solutions: New French law will blanket parking lots with solar panels The Atlanta Constitution Journal
  7. Solarna parkirališta su energetska ideja koja pobjeđuje. Zašto onda nisu norma? Automania
  8. Avances en generación eléctrica solar el Naional
  9. New French Law Blankets Parking Lots with Solar Panels Electrical Industry Canada
    1. [1] Energy Now
  10. Why your community’s next solar panel project should be above a parking lot Popular Science
  11. Le tettoie solari per parcheggi rafforzano la rete elettrica Ultimenotinizie
  12. Zdecydowali się wprowadzić obowiązkowe panele nad parkingami. W całym kraju Smoglab

2022 Misc[edit | edit source]

Solutions for a low-carbon future
  1. Doubting farmers, here is proof solar panels and sheep get along just fine National Observer
    1. Agtech Daily
  2. 用太阳能种菜和放牧?农业光伏正在兴起,或增加10万多个就业岗位 Zhuanlan
  3. 6 articles to inspire open source sustainability in 2023 Open Source
  4. The newest crop found on the farm? Solar panels. MIT Technology Review, West Observer and many more
  5. The last crop found on the farm? Solar panels. Good Word News
  6. New ECO+ Scheme Will Save £310 in Yearly Energy Bills for UK Homes GreenMatch UK
  7. How to earn money from 3D printing? Worldsterra
  8. ¿Pueden las impresoras 3D ayudar a salvar el planeta? El Diario
  9. Fix our future Write the World
  10. Catching the sun: How communities create their own people-powered solar solutions Resilience
  11. .com/news/71559064337e4d0d66a916633e66b267-Catching-the-sun-How-communities-create-their-own-peoplepowered-solar-solutions Catching the sun: How communities create their own people-powered solar solutions Daily Advent 14.9k
  13. 现在是考虑从事开源硬件职业的好时机 Linux China 24.9k
  14. 现在是考虑从事开源硬件职业的好时机 | Linux 中国 163.com 38
  15. 现在是考虑从事开源硬件职业的好时机 | Linux 中国 CareerEngine US
  16. The future of 3D printing – additive manufacturing experts forecast the next decade 3D Printing Industry 106k
  17. Open-source advocates: ORNL’s ‘SkyBAAM’ 3D printer “copying” earlier Hangprinter technology 3D Printing Industry 107k
  20. 3D PRINTING The Way Forward For Expertise: 3D Printing Consultants On The Frontier Plastics Molding News
  21. GOSH Community Newsletter GOSH Newsletter
  22. Garbage fills up Ontario's landfills to the brink while the biggest polluters backslide on recycling National Observer 186k
  23. The attempt to stifle Florida’s booming solar industry is an attack on consumers Tampa Bay Times 13.5k
  24. Column: Legislature’s attempt to kill booming solar industry an attack on economy, consumer choice Tampa Bay News Weekly
  25. Painel solar fotovoltaico converte raios solares em energia elétrica Ecycle 51k
  26. Florida rooftop solar change seems likely to pass, over pushback from solar industry Jax Today
  27. County by county, solar panels face pushback NBC News 780
    1. Yahoo 9
    2. AOL 388
    3. CNBC 261
  28. Harnessing the Power of Age Diversity Harvard Business Review 1314
  29. Die USA müssen ihre Atomwaffen um 98 % reduzieren, wenn die Welt einen nuklearen Winter vermeiden will Jugomobile 88k
  30. Turning Trash Into Treasure: The Plastic-to-Protein-Powder Solution - MTU News 21.3k
  31. Oil Prices Dropping, Why Aren't Gas Prices? NTD Business 35k
  32. In Florida, DeSantis May End the Battle Over Rooftop Solar With a Pen Stroke Inside Climate News 217k
  33. Das haben Sie noch nie gehört: Der umweltfreundlichste Strom heißt Floatovoltaik efahrer 1772
  34. Solar Panels and Heat Pumps VAT down to 0% - Starting April 2022! GreenMatch UK 180k
  35. New Rare Earth Compounds Could Power Your Phone LifeWire 1542
  36. How “Agrivoltaics” Can Present Extra Advantages Than Agriculture And Photo voltaic Photovoltaics Individually Descargaskin
  37. Florida rooftop solar change seems likely to pass, over pushback from solar industry News 4 Jax 39k
    1. Darik News 154k
  38. Novos compostos de terras raras podem alimentar seu telefone Gouma 113k
  39. Senyawa Langka Baru Berkat AI Dapat Berguna Untuk Ponsel Anda Teknologi 192k
  40. El poder de la diversidad de edad Forbes Mexico 4.7k
  41. Earth Matters Daily Kos 7.3k
  42. ORNL research advances perovskite technology for high-performance solar batteries 3D Printing Industry 92k
  43. Moreno seeks adoption of agrivoltaics to generate power, boost agriculture in PH CNN Philippines 24867
  44. Anker's M5 Could Finally Bring 3D Printers to the Masses Lifewire 1k
  45. Backyard chickens, rabbits and soybeans can meet domestic protein demand - Articles batch
  46. The green energy revolution fuelled by Putin’s war - The Tomes UK 3.8k
  47. Michigan universities might be developing the next big thing Detroit News 18.8k
  48. Celebrate Earth Day with these Arduino projects Arduino blog 2952
  49. Suing Exxon: Rising Tide of Lawsuits Cite Climate Denial Lies -Climate Denial Crock of the Week
  50. The Portable, Off-Grid 3D Gigalab Can Turn Trash Into Treasure Wired
    1. O Gigalab 3D portátil e fora da rede pode transformar lixo em tesouro Techinforme
  51. Secret Study From 1945 Shows How Many Nukes It Takes To End Humanity History of Yesterday
  52. We need to rethink solar and wind power. Here's why - Interesting Engineering
    1. Wissenshaft
  53. Nem kell félni a bombától, meg is lehet szeretni” - avagy hogy állnak az amerikai nukleáris erők Access to the comments EuroNews 1.4k
  54. Climate Litigation Creeping Forward - Climatecrocks
  55. How “Agrivoltaics” Can Present Extra Advantages Than Agriculture And Photo voltaic Photovoltaics Individually PerfectBlog
  56. Congrats to our mentors for the Open Hardware Trailblazers in Academia Fellowship OSHWA
    1. Free IO
    2. Gajethub
  57. Announcing OSHWA Trailblazers Fellowship Program Mentors Hackster
  58. May 28 SolariseCon: Seeding Solarpunk Futures The Hub Earth
  59. Markforged challenges Continuous Composites’ 3D printing patent lawsuit 3D Printing and Industry
  60. Crowdfunding campaign launched to challenge ORNL’s SkyBAAM patent and ‘keep the Hangprinter free’ 3D Printing Industry
  61. The Future of Recycling: 13 Innovative Strategies That Could Save the Earth Readers's Digest
  62. Essential business book picks from Ivey faculty Ivey
  63. Cheap Solar Power Is Coming to an Apartment Near You Lifewire
  64. Billig solenergi kommer till en lägenhet nära dig Volvootofinans
  65. How to eat in a nuclear war: what our food system would look like post-apocalypse The Grocer UK
  66. Open-Source Wood Solar Photovoltaic Racking Wevolver
  67. Waste Plastic Direct Extrusion Hangprinter Inergency
  68. What are agrovoltaics and can they make money? - Farmtario
    1. Industry Update
    2. Manitoba Operator
  69. 太阳能证券可能提供重大投资潜力 Flyxg
  70. Ένας πυρηνικός πόλεμος θα επηρέαζε τη διατροφή όλου του πλανήτη Patris News
  71. Movimiento de cultura libre Scientiaes
  72. 3D Printing News Unpeeled 3D Print
  73. 3D Printing Webinar and Occasion Roundup: September 4, 2022 The Perfectech
  74. Benefiting Your Neighbors and the Community with Your Home’s German Solar Power Philergy
  75. With A Little Heat, Printed Parts Handle Vacuum Duty HackaDay
  76. Science of solutions -Paving a path to net-zero Western Alumni Gazette
  77. The Missing Data Behind Manchin’s Dirty Pipeline Deal Lever News
    1. MR Online
  78. We need to be told the true climate cost of Schumer and Manchin’s pipeline side deal The Guardian
    1. The Singapore Time
    2. NewsBreak
    3. Nous devons connaître le véritable coût climatique de l’accord parallèle sur le pipeline de Schumer et Manchin Les Actualites
    4. Darik News WV
  79. Western scientists attract $1.6M to tackle global challenges Western News
    1. Education News
  80. Antinükleer Avusturya Nükleer Enerjide Öncülük Etmeli Haberinadresi.
  81. Your Guide to Home Solar Panels This Old House
    1. I Home News
  82. BioPROTEIN: Biological Plastic Reuse by Olefin and Ester Transforming Engineered Isolates and Natural Consortia Space UWO
  83. How much does it cost to run a heat pump? Experts explain how you can work it out Home and Garden
  84. Para combater a poluição e a fome, cientistas transformam plástico em alimento Hypeness
  85. Open-Source Wood Solar Photovoltaic Racking WeVolver
  86. Open source and green tech: A perfect match Computer Weekly
  87. É possível transformar plástico em comida? Fatos
  88. Para combater a poluição e a fome, cientistas transformam plástico em alimento MSN
  89. Native-run solar firm aims to lower heating emissions and costs Sahan Journal
    1. Boreal
  90. ¿Pueden las impresoras 3D ayudar a salvar el planeta? Eldiaro

How to protect your family from terrorist attacks on the electricity grid[edit | edit source]

Professors Want to Share: Preliminary Survey Results on Establishing Open Source Endowed Professorships and Canadian professors’ views on establishing open source endowed professorships[edit | edit source]

  1. Why we need open-source science innovation — not patents and paywalls The Conversation
  2. Yahoo News
  3. Tolerance webzine
  4. Inves Brain
  5. Canadian Inquirer
  6. Big Commerce
  7. Winnipeg FreePress
  8. Western U News
  9. Phys.org
  10. National Post
  11. Flipboard
  12. World.edu
  13. Economic Times
  14. Academic Matters
  15. Lxer
  16. Environmental Professionals
  17. Enviro News
  18. Quick Discover

Agrivoltaics[edit | edit source]

  1. Solutions for a low-carbon future Western U News
    1. Solutions for a low-carbon future The Globe and Mail
    2. Mirage News
    3. My Science.ca
  2. Are solar farms the answer to feeding the world and combatting climate change? - Ivey News

Costs and benefits of solar panels - Expert Interview with Joshua Pearce[edit | edit source]

  1. Costs and benefits of solar panels | Expert Interview with Joshua Pearce Verify
    1. WZZM13 ABC
    2. WTHR NBC
    3. WKYC NBC
    4. WNEP ABC
    5. WFMY CBS
    6. CBS19
    7. First Coast News ABC/NBC
    8. WTSP CBS
    9. MyFox Zone

Electric Vehicle Charging Potential from Retail Parking Lot Solar Photovoltaic Awnings[edit | edit source]

  1. Climate Brief: Parking lot solar arrays are a smart, green idea - Daily Kos 9.4k
  2. Car parking zone photo voltaic arrays are a sensible, inexperienced concept Invetidollar
  3. Climate Brief: Parking lot solar is a good, green idea Red, Green and Blue
  4. Why Putting Solar Canopies on Parking Lots Is a Smart Green Move Knowledia
  5. Parking Lot Power ASME
  6. Solar awnings over parking lots help companies and customers Project Topics 21.8k
  7. Why Don't All Parking Lots Have Solar Panels Over Them? CNet
    1. Tornadopix
    2. Digitalack
    3. Pourquoi tous les parkings ne sont-ils pas recouverts de panneaux solaires ?
    4. Waarom zijn niet alle parkeerplaatsen voorzien van zonnepanelen?
    5. Local Today
    6. Reporter Wings
    7. HiTech Glitz
    8. Heating News Journal
    9. Tech Fish News
    10. English News Live
    11. Bakit Hindi Sinasaklaw ng mga Solar Panel ang Bawat Paradahan? Hadrian TV
    12. ¿Por qué los paneles solares no cubren todos los estacionamientos? MXN
    13. Honest Columnist
    14. Solarna parkirališta su energetska ideja koja pobjeđuje. Zašto onda nisu norma? AutoMania
    15. Bezalela
    16. Solar parking lots are a win-win renewable energy solution. Why aren’t they everywhere? Urdu Public
    17. 双赢的可再生能源解决方案“太阳能停车场”为何无法普及? 163
    18. 双赢的可再生能源解决方案“太阳能停车场”为何无法普及? CN Beta
    19. Solar Parking Lots Are a Win-Win Renewable Energy Solution. Why Aren’t They Everywhere? Reporter wings
    20. Die Vorteile von Solar-Parkplätzen Energy Load (EU)

Open source surgical fracture table for digitally distributed manufacturing[edit | edit source]

  1. Open-source tech enables 3D-printed surgical table Western News
    1. Medical Express
    2. News Live Florida
    3. Health News Express
    4. Public News Time
    5. Daily News Era
    6. My Science
    7. Days Tech
    8. Mirage News
    9. UK Prime News
    10. Zipe Education
    11. iheartradio
    12. United Bitco
    13. MyDroll
    14. News Elva
    15. Exbulletin
    16. Fleflly
    17. TechNewsInsight
  2. Western University-led project paves way for increased health-care accessibility, affordability Education News Canada
  3. Tecnología de código abierto permite mesa quirúrgica impresa en 3D Notimundo
  4. Ученые создали не дорогой хирургический стол, используя 3D-печать Medical Insider
  5. Western University helps develop 3D-printed surgical table CTV News
    1. Bay Street Post
    2. Knowledia
    3. West Observer
    4. Finax
  6. Paving the way for increased health care accessibility and affordability QuickTelecast
    1. Verge Express
    2. Iconic Verge
  7. Paving the way for better health care accessibility and accessibility OCN News OCN
  8. La tecnologia open source consente il tavolo chirurgico stampato in 3D Bartellaweb
  9. Ouvrir la voie à une meilleure accessibilité et accessibilité des soins de santé Les Actualities
  10. Ouvrir la voie à l’amélioration de l’accessibilité et de l’abordabilité des soins de santé Actualites Canada
  11. Den Weg für eine bessere Zugänglichkeit und Erschwinglichkeit der Gesundheitsversorgung ebnen Germanic News
  12. Western College aids establish 3D-printed medical table Outposts buzz.
  13. 为提高医疗保健的可及性和可负担性铺平道路 Chinese-Xiaoxi CX
  14. Allanando el camino para una mayor accesibilidad y asequibilidad de la atención médica Espanol News
  15. Researchers Create 3D Printed Surgical Table 3D Natives
  16. Des chercheurs impriment en 3D une table d’opération 3D Natives
  17. 3D打印技术为医疗不发达地区,制造便宜又好用的手术台 3DDayIn
  18. 3D-Printed Surgical Table Could Make Procedures More Affordable and Accessible Hospimedica
  19. Open Source 3D Printed Surgical Table Cuts Costs by 98 Percent 3D Print
    1. Blogarama
  20. 3D-printed surgical table costs $4,000, geared toward low-resource settings Dot Med
  21. Open Supply 3D Printed Surgical Desk Cuts Prices by 98 P.c The Perfect Tech
  22. Tecnologia de código aberto de mesa cirúrgica impressa em 3D melhora acessibilidade aos cuidados de saúde Tech 4 Health
  23. Open source technology enables 3D-printed operating table 3Printr
  24. Open-Source-Technologie ermöglicht 3D-gedruckten Operationstisch 3D Ruck
  25. پرینت سه بعدی میز جراحی iDesign3D
  26. Un lettino per fratture chirurgiche funzionale stampato in 3D ed Open Source Stampare in 3D
  27. Una mesa ortopédica en 3D podría ayudar a mejorar las intervenciones quirúrgicas y ginecológicas Consalud ES
  28. Orthopedic table in 3D could help in operations Cuba Detail Zero

A National Pragmatic Safety Limit for Nuclear Weapon Quantities[edit | edit source]

  2. Putin asusta al mundo: ¿en qué consiste la pesadilla de una posible guerra nuclear? - Semana 4424
    1. Head Topics Colombia 26.7k
    2. ESE Euro
    3. .com/what-is-the-nightmare-of-a-possible-nuclear-war/ What is the nightmare of a possible nuclear war? Archyde 76k
  3. Os EUA precisam cortar suas armas nucleares em 98% se o mundo quiser evitar um inverno nuclear Jugomobile 64.9k
  4. [ https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1622097/Nuclear-bomb-explosion-power-damage-apocalypse-evg Nuclear bomb explosion power: The tiny number of nukes needed for 'unacceptable damage'] Daily Express UK
  5. Nuclear bomb explosion power: The tiny number of nukes needed for ‘unacceptable damage’ FastExecute

To Catch the Sun[edit | edit source]

  1. Charge Controllers for Solar Systems Green Building Canada
  2. Simple Things People Can Do at Home to Help Defund Russian Aggression in the Long Term Yahoo News 9
    1. Yahoo UK
    2. Yahoo Finance
    3. Yahoo CA
    4. Yahoo Money
    5. Yahoo lifestyle
    6. Yahoo SG
    7. Global NW 3.4k
    8. Benzinga 2.5k
    9. Digital Journal 10.5k
    10. EIN 20.8k
  3. Here Are A Few Tips For Finding The Best Solar Installers Near You Forbes 267
  4. DIY, Open Source, and Solar Humboldt Now
  5. DIY, Open Source, and Solar: Cal Poly Humboldt Students Harness the Power of the Sun Asian News
  7. Free book teaches DIY for solar energy HeroMag
  8. Solar Van Conversion Case Studies: Cost, Challenges, and Tips from the Road LeafScore
  9. A Bookshelf for the End of the World Humbdoldt Now
  10. College Students Work on Solar From California to India LeafScore
  11. How to build a 40W back up solar system (step-by-step)

Decarbonizing rural residential buildings in cold climates: A techno-economic analysis of heating electrification[edit | edit source]

  1. Renewable energy generates payback: Western studies : Solar power, heat-pump combo can help environment and homeowner bottom-line Western News 618k
    1. Mirage News 123k

2021 Misc[edit | edit source]

  1. Joshua Pearce brings open-source, sustainable tech to the fore Western News 485k
    1. Exbulletin 148k
    2. Education News Canada 987k
  2. Time to hit ‘Print’ for that machinery part? - Country Guide Canada
  3. Scientists Want to Block Out the Sun. Should We? Is it Even Possible? - Interesting Engineering 8585, HackPosts, HeadTopics
  4. È possibile bloccare il Sole? Degli scienziati vogliono farlo - Every Eye Italy 38.2k
  5. Geoingegneria solare: è possibile oscurare il Sole? Recom Mag 260k
  6. AI Discoveries Could Soon Power Your Car LifeWire 1.1k
  7. Open-source hardware expert champions the future of recyclables and 3D printing UWO Media Relations 9881
  8. US reveals it has almost 4,000 nuclear weapons after Trump kept number secret for years Daily Star 5131, Massive Updates 216k
  9. Mỹ lần đầu tiết lộ bí mật "hủy diệt trái đất" mà ông Trump giấu kín nhiều năm Danviet 25.3k
  10. Choáng với số vũ khí hạt nhân mà Mỹ sở hữu Khoachoc TV 47k
  11. Digital Fabrication: from Theory to Practice Wikifactory 428k
  12. 3D at Western on Instagram
  13. Open source gets dirty with 3D printing Opensource.com 9.4k
  14. L’open source se salit avec l’impression 3D Maniac Geek
  15. How “Agrivoltaics” Can Provide More Benefits Than Agriculture And Solar Photovoltaics Separately Energy Innovation
  16. De câte bombe atomice e nevoie pentru a distruge omenirea? Experţii spun că doar de 100 Click.ro 63k
  17. Can Solar Farms Help Save Bees? Discover 14.3k
  18. Why Putting Solar Canopies on Parking Lots Is a Smart Green Move Yale 360 (4088)
    1. News Binding
  19. The Continued Danger of Nuclear War Aero Magazine
  20. Every City Should Encourage This Kind of Solar Development Mother Jones 19.1k
  21. Why solar canopies for parking lots are a smart green move National Observer
  22. David Denkenberger on using paper mills and seaweed to feed everyone in a catastrophe 80,000 Hours 100k
  23. Preventing a global-scale famine Alliance Magazine
  24. Why solar canopies for parking lots are a smart green move Knowledia 75k
  25. Solar and crop production research shows ‘multi-solving’ climate benefits Yale Climate Connection 185k
  26. Would you be able to develop sufficient protein in your lawn? WeOne TV
  27. How to turn plastic waste in your recycle bin into profit 3d-prints
  29. L'impression 3D industrielle passe au skate Frscienceaq

To Catch the Sun[edit | edit source]

More Media

Fully dense SiOC(N) cellular structures by integrating FFF 3-D printing with polymer derived ceramics[edit | edit source]

Decarbonizing rural residential buildings in cold climates: A techno-economic analysis of heating electrification[edit | edit source]

Monofacial vs bifacial solar photovoltaic systems in snowy environments[edit | edit source]

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