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Having the failure database of all kinds of 3D printing technology will be highly beneficial to develop an intelligent additive manufacturing, and collaboration of makers around the world will help us to reach this goal significantly faster.

On this page, we are trying to systematize a set of rules for creating a uniform dataset that will be convenient to work with in the future.

Contrast visual marker template[edit | edit source]

First thing you need to do is to prepare a contrast visual marker template:

  1. Download a template and print it on a letter-size paper (fit to format or 100-120% scale, precise dimensions in millimeters are not that important since you provide them together with your image, so we can restore the real scale)
  2. Visual markers apetsiuk.jpg
  3. Cut a square area in the middle of the paper
  4. Visual markers printed ap.jpg

3D print your part[edit | edit source]

In case of failed print, please do the following:

  1. Put your visual template right on the printing bed (do not remove the failed part). You can cut out its corners or middle parts and use tape so the template aligns with the bed.
  2. Take a picture of the failed part on the bed (as high resolution as possible; black square X-markers should be visible in your picture; try to avoid significant light reflections)
  3. Visual markers failed print ap.jpg
  4. Fill out the table and send the picture (described in the section below)

Fill out the table[edit | edit source]

The information you provided will help us to process your image appropriately and to generate a solid database.

  1. Download the information template: File:Table to fill failure database 3 ap.odt
  2. Table to fill failure database 1 ap.JPG
  3. Fill the tables
  4. Attach the STL file of the failed print
  5. Attach the G-Code file of the failed print

Send the picture, STL file, G-Code, and filled tables[edit | edit source]

Email all the necessary files (preferably with the same filename) to apetsiuk(at)

  1. bronze_husky.JPG
  2. bronze_husky.ODT or .DOCX
  3. bronze_husky.STL
  4. bronze_husky.GCODE

Failure Database data apetsiuk.png

Example[edit | edit source]

Visual markers failed print ap.jpg

Parameter Value
Part ID/Filename Blue_case.jpg
AB distance 156 mm
BC distance 156 mm
Failure type Under extrusion
Printer model Delta, Athena II
Slicer used Ultimaker Cura
Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm
Layer height 0.25 mm
Initial layer height 0.25 mm
Line width 0.4 mm
Infill line width 0.4 mm
Top/Bottom pattern, type Lines
Top/Bottom thickness 0.4 mm
Infill pattern, type Grid
Infill density 80%
Support pattern, type Zig Zag
Support density 15%
Printing temperature 210 C
Material flow rate 100%
Retraction distance 6.5 mm
Retraction speed 25 mm/s
Infill speed 50 mm/s
Outer wall speed 25 mm/s
Inner wall speed 50 mm/s
Support speed 50 mm/s
Travel speed 120 mm/s
Fan speed 100%
Error height [mm] (at what height your print began to fail) 2 mm
Error height [layer number] (at what layer your print began to fail) 8
Camera model (it will help us to retrieve the image distortions caused by your camera) Cellphone camera
Firmware coefficients
Franklin: u (switch position, mm) v (switch position, mm) w (switch position, mm) e (coupling, steps/mm) Extrusion, % Feedrate, % Max travel speed, mm/s
228.050 226.740 228.850 90.000 100% 100% 100

More examples of pictures[edit | edit source]

These are low-resolution samples. Your photos should be in higher resolution.

Have a great printing[edit | edit source]

We wish you a failure less printing, but even in case of printing error happened your participation will help us to prevent these disappointing things in the future.

Thank you for collaboration!

The following links can help you better understand the nature of the failures and adjust your printing parameters with maximum efficiency:

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