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  1. When adding 3D printing settings, please provide the ini file/printer type used. This is to allow easy importation of the print settings for users.
  2. Add images if necessary
  3. Add additional tips when using a given filament(so new users make less mistakes/save filiment)

Operation & Procedure[edit | edit source]

PETG for Pringle's Delta/Franklin[edit | edit source]

  1. Cura Settings
  1. Tips
    1. Having an fan on the print improves print quality
    2. Heated bed is not necessary
    3. Extra glue is needed for proper bed adhesion
    4. Filament tends to fall out of extruder as the print temp is reached, so extrude some(in Franklin works) before printing.
    5. Having high extrusion for the first 1-2 layers improves bed adhesion
    6. Increasing skirt length to 2-3 circles is beneficial for bed adhesion and a good first layer
  2. Secondary Resources
    1. Matter Hackers: "How to succeed when printing with PETG Filament"

See also

PLA[edit | edit source]

ABS[edit | edit source]

PP[edit | edit source]

  • Gizmo Dorks sells great quality PP filament(1.75mm has been tested)
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