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Adam Pringle[edit]

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Updated 2-12-20.

I am a materials scientist and engineer(MSE). I have a bachelors from Michigan Technological Uniersity(MTU) and am working on my PhD under Dr. Paul Sanders and Dr. Joshua Pearce. I desire to make a meaningful positive impact on the world. I intend to do so by expanding the knowledge base around 3D printers and their applications in society and industry. I am a senior member of the Alloy Research Center(ARC) and Michigan Tech's Open Sustainability Technology (MOST) Research groups. My research interests are focused around sustainability and discovering novel additive manufacturing applications utilizing unconventional printing materials. I would like to focus this approach on expanding the application of 3D printing in space based initiatives.

3D printing experience[edit]

  • Polymers(PLA, PETG, PP, PC, and PET via FFF and syringe printing)
  • Composites(PLA-Aluminum and PLA-Wood via FFF with custom pre mixing)
  • Thin-films(PBI3 and NiO with slot die - syringe printing)
  • Metals(Aluminum-4047,5356,and 6061 via wire arc weld-base printing)
  • Ceramics(Al2O3 via selective laser sintering)


  • 3D Printing
  • Outer Space
  • Innovative materials
  • Product design
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Material property optimization


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Current Research[edit]

  1. low cost synthesis of perovskite solar cells
  2. Dual use of water for PV farms and aquaculture
  3. Wood Filament Fabrication

Past Projects[edit]


  1. Open source syringe pump 3-D printer
  2. Filament print settings: MOST
  3. Glass substrate cleaning method: MOST
  4. Atomic Force Microscopy(AFM) Protocol : MOST
  5. Chemtool(How to draw chemistry):MOST
  6. Grinding Mill in Forestry Plant:MOST
  7. Transmission Measurement Procedure:MOST
  8. Composite Filament Fabrication: MOST
  9. Current Advancements in Human Organic 3-D Printing
  10. Heated syringe delta 3D printer:MOST
  11. CNC Router Parts-based metal printers SOP