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Constructing the Drive Towers[edit | edit source]

Before You Begin[edit | edit source]

  • The parts required for the Upper Platform are:
    • Hardware:
      • 3 - Segments of T5 Belt
      • 6 - LM6UU Linear Bearings
      • 3 - M3 x 10 Socket Cap Screw
      • 3 - M3 x 20 Socket Cap Screw
      • 6 - 1 Foot segments of 6mm Smooth Rod
      • 24 - M3 x 16 Socket Cap Screw
      • 51 - M3 Flat washers
      • 27 - M3 Nuts
      • 12 - Thin Zip Ties
      • 3 - Thick Zip Ties
    • Printed Parts:
      • 3 - Carriage
      • 3 - Short Belt Terminators
      • 3 - Long Belt Terminators
    • Required Tools:
      • 1.5mm Allen Wrench
      • 2.5mm Allen Wrench
      • 5.5mm Combination wrench
      • Needle Nose Pliers
    • Recommended Tools:
      • 3mm or 1/8” Drill bit

This segment of build process is not available[edit | edit source]

Building the Towers[edit | edit source]

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