This is in a series of literature reviews on InGaN solar cells, which supported the comprehensive review by D.V.P. McLaughlin & J.M. Pearce, "Progress in Indium Gallium Nitride Materials for Solar Photovoltaic Energy Conversion"Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 44(4) pp. 1947-1954 (2013). open access
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This page describes many potential applications of using plane for InGaN based PV, LED, LASER diodes and other applications. Its important to know that role of crystal orientation plays a vital role is determining the overall properties and behavior of electronic structure especially when the material is polar/ piezoelectric material like ZnO, GaN, InGaN etc.

Some of interesting properties of InGaN plane are as following.

  • Semi polar plane: [plane such as [0001] are highly polar, whereas plane such as are non polar. Highly polar planes have disadvantage of large number of recombination states caused by stain in the crystal, whereas non polar lane are having large number of non-radiative recombination centers. Semipolar planes, as the name suggest have the polarization effects in between those of highly polar planes and non-polar plane. This property can be utilize to optimize the internal quantum efficiency of electronic devices based on InGaN/ GaN materials.
  • Their is a large reduction in recombination centers which is the main cause of poor efficiency.
  • Significant reduction in threading dislocations, as they mostly grow in [0001] plane and bent by 90 degree in plane.
  • most optimized efficiency can be achieved by utilizing these planes as they reduce the number of TDs and recombination centers.
  • Higher In Incorporation is possible for the same growth conditions as compared to [0001] plane.
  • Almost twice internal quantum efficiency can be achieved by using plane.
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