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Characterizing GaN:MOST

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This page will detail the methods used to characterize gallium nitride (GaN) to be used as a substrate material for the electronics industry.

It will answer the following questions

What tools are used?[edit]

Installed apparatus in the MBE facility MOST[edit]

RHEED Gun[edit]

Perkin Elmer Model 06-190 10 keV HEED Gun, Perkin Elmer 20-330 RHEED Gun Control

CCD Camera/Crystal Monitor[edit]

K-Space (KSA) BP-M1 CCD Camera, KSA 300/400 Software

Gas Analyzer/Mass Spectrometer[edit]

Inficon Transpector TH100 F&M Quadrupole Residual Gas Analyzer, Transpector Ware V2.0 Software

Available Facilities in MTU[edit]

1)Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy 2)Transmission Electron Microscopy 3)Atomic Force Microscopy 4)X-Ray Diffraction Facility 5)Pumping Laser Photoluminescence System

How accurate do the tools need to be?[edit]

What is the best state-of-the-art GaN material?[edit]