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Last Day[edit | edit source]

So you are about to graduate and move on to greener pastures.This is what you need to do to ensure that your great work can be carried on by future MOST group members:

Give to Dr. Pearce

  • flash drive or hard drive with your entire data set, programs, papers, etc. - upload site to shared sites - send links (and/or passwords to Dr. Pearce)
  • software - make sure all licenses are transferred to lab computers
  • passwords computers, etc. - provide lists
  • walk Dr P through code, protocols or any other last developments
  • return keys, and other MTU stuff
  • return books checked out from MOST library
  • put all of your physical stuff (e.g. past experiments) in a box - labelled with your name and put on North wall shelves.
  • Undergo the 'exit interview'