Useful Links for MOST students[edit | edit source]

Michigan Tech Open Sustainability Technology Lab.

I am published - now what?[edit | edit source]

As you know getting a paper in the peer reviewed literature does not guarantee it will be widely read. In the group we then take the following steps:

  1. Write up a summary page in Appropedia of your article and place it in this category - it should link back to your literature review and any protocols you used. For particularly good methods or description of new equipment you must make sure your stls are available on Thingiverse and description is on Instructables. All the links to these added nuggets of goodness should be in your project page. It should also have key findings and enhanced figures. It must have the full citation for your paper with a link both to the article at the journal via DOI and a link to your preprint on Finally, you should hyperlink all keywords within Appropedia and drop it in appropriate categories (e.g. photovoltaic).
  2. Format the pre-print for with a header showing the full citation. Include all figures and tables - make it as readable as possible and send to Dr. Pearce to post MTU's pre-prints on, arXiv and HAL for technical papers or SSRN for sustainability papers and/or Qspace.
  3. Write up a short summary from your appropedia summary for the MTU sustainability blog, co-post on Energypedia and /or Engineering for Change and/or Technology Exchange and/or QIEEP and now Elsevier allows audio slides
  4. Post abstract on your LinkedIn account
  5. Finally if your work is newsworthy we will write a summary and send it to the University Press Office to release or do a video release.

MTU Travel and Account Reimbursement[edit | edit source]

  • Conferences to attend [1]
  • budget [2]
  • visiting scholar paperwork [3]
  • poster printing: Printing
  • travel reimbursement: [4] and rules [5]

Student Grants and Jobs[edit | edit source]

Students working toward a Ph.D. degree in energy-related fields at universities located in the U.S. or Canada. Fellowships are offered with a duration of 2 years and will be paid in two installments of $25,000. Odds 2/100. $21,500 is to be used for the Fellow's stipend, $2,500 is to be used for expenses associated with the Fellow's research, and $1,000 is to be used for attending one or more technical meetings and/or publication expenses. Applications are due December 1. The Link Foundation provides funds for direct costs, but does NOT support student tuition, institutional overhead or pooled

  • The Semiconductor Research Corporation offers Graduate Fellowships and Master's Scholarships for those studying fields related to microelectronics. The Graduate (PhD) fellowships "provide full tuition and fees and a competitive stipend for up to five years of doctoral study. Fellowships also include an unrestricted annual gift of $2,000 for use by the student's faculty advisor in support of the student." The Master's Scholarships are restricted to women and members of underrepresented minorities and "provide full tuition and fees and a competitive stipend for up to two years of master's level study. Scholarships also include an unrestricted gift of $2,000 for use by the student's faculty advisor in support of the student." Application deadline: mid-Feb.

  • Returning Peace Corp students can do Energy Policy work in the MOST group as Coverdell Fellows. Coverdell Fellows will receive a tailored financial aid package to MTU, including 30 percent of graduate tuition and enrollment in the AmeriCorps VISTA program, which will allow them to earn four credits for VISTA service. They will also receive VISTA health insurance and an AmeriCorps education award. The value of these tuition benefits is $14,129. More info

Fellowships for Graduate Students[edit | edit source]

A complete listing of all awards and fellowships is online.

  1. The DeVlieg Foundation provides funding for two summer fellowships for current PhD students. Applications due February 9, 2016. Each graduate program may nominate one eligible student, and is responsible for forwarding their nominee to the Graduate School.
  2. Doctoral finishing fellowships are available for up to ten PhD students expecting to complete their degree in summer. Applications due February 16, 2016.
  3. PHF Graduate Fellowships are available to PhD students completing health-related research that is aligned with the PHF's mission. Applications due February 16, 2016. This is a new opportunity this year.
  4. KCP Future Faculty Fellowships are available to MS and PhD students (new and continuing) who are underrepresented in their fields and intending on a career in higher education (administration or faculty). Applications due March 1, 2016 for full consideration.
  5. Dean's Fellowships are available to PhD students entering in the summer or fall. Applications due March 15, 2016.

Contact the Graduate School ( with any questions about these opportunities.

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