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This tutorial will guide you through the steps of adding an an image to your User Page.


  • To begin, open in your browser and click "log in."
Image tut 01.jpg

Log in[edit]

  • Log in by typing your Username(1) and Password(2) before clicking Log in(3).
Image tut 02.jpg

File upload page[edit]

  • Scroll to and click "Upload a file" under "tools" on the left side of the page.
  • Alternatively, you may press "control + u."
Image tut 03.jpg

Select image[edit]

  • Click "Browse..." and select an image from your computer. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHTS TO SHARE THE IMAGE.
Image tut 04.jpg

Image info[edit]

  • Confirm your images path(1).
  • Add a more useful file name(2) if necessary.
  • Add a description of the image(3).
  • Choose the licensing(4) applicable to the image.
Image tut 05.jpg

Click Upload[edit]

  • Confirm the information you entered and Click "Upload."
Image tut 06.jpg

Copy file name[edit]

  • Select and Copy the File name(1). (After the ":") Don't forget to copy the file extension.
  • Click your user name(2) to get to your user page.
Image tut 07.jpg

Click Edit[edit]

  • Click "create" or "edit." (If you have not already created a user page you will see "create" instead of "edit.")
Image tut 08.jpg

Add image code[edit]

  • Click the image icon to insert the appropriate code.
Image tut 09.jpg

Paste File name[edit]

  • Paste your File name in place of "Example.jpg."
Image tut 10.jpg

Add tags[edit]

  • Add the following tags to format your image: (Note that tags are preceded by a "|."
  • "|thumb"(1) to display a thumbnail instead of the full size image.
  • "|left"(2) to force your image to the left side.
  • Add a caption to your image by putting the text you want for the caption behind another "|."(3)
  • The resulting line is: [[File:Image tut 01.jpg||thumb|left|YOUR CAPTION HERE]]
  • For additional information on images see Help:Images.
Image tut 11.jpg


  • Scroll down to click "Show preview." Get in the habit of previewing all edits you make.
Image tut 12.jpg


  • When you are satisfied with your page scroll down to click "Save page."
Image tut 13.jpg


  • Success!
  • Note the location of the caption.
Image tut 14.png

Please note: The images on this page were added without thumbs nor captions because the images were sized to fit the screen and what would be the content of the captions is shown above the image instead of below.