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Editing a page may require changing its name (and URL). Wikis call this process moving a page. This operation doesn't only concern general pages: it may also be necessary to move categories, images, or other types of content that belongs to a specific URL.

Reasons to move a page[edit | edit source]

There are various reasons why a page may need to be moved:

  • The current title contains spelling errors.
  • The title doesn't follow nomenclature with our page naming standard, or its name is prone to ambiguity or confusion by other users.
  • The topic has been shortened, extended, or changed from the original draft, and the title no longer represents the content of the entry.
  • The page belongs in a different namespace.
  • Certain section of the page fits better as a section of a more complete page.
  • A page needs to be merged with another, either because both are too similar or complement each other.

As long as the proposed name fits with Help:Page naming it should be okay, but ask if you're unsure (on the article's talk page, or the village pump).

Avoid creating dead links[edit | edit source]

Wiki pages are connected to other pages through its categories and links. Moving a page implies that other pages linking to it might end up with a dead link. For this reason, we encourage to move the page correctly. This is not strictly necessary for new pages, but simply deleting a page might make some content difficult to find.

How to move a page correctly[edit | edit source]

Moving a section[edit | edit source]

If you want to move only part of a page, then you can simply cut and paste the wikitext into a new page. In this case, you must summarize the reason and what content you are moving on the edit summary of the pages you're editing.

How to move a complete article[edit | edit source]

If you have been a registered user of Appropedia for a while and have made a few edits, you should see a Move tab at the top of the page.

Click on the pencil, it's the third option. It is helpful to other editors if you enter a brief reason for the move, unless the reason is very obvious.


If you select the option to leave a redirect, the page will be moved to its new location while leaving a redirect from the old to the new page. Please leave the redirect in place indefinitely so that people who use the old link or type the old name in the search box will find the article in its new location.

Video demonstrations[edit | edit source]

How to move a page

Tutorial on how to move a page in Appropedia.

Language: English (EN)
Cómo mover una página

Tutorial sobre cómo mover una página en Appropedia.

Language: Español (ES)

I can't move pages![edit | edit source]

If you have trouble moving a page or cannot find the option, continue editing and wait a few days. If you've been registered for a couple of weeks and still can't see a move tab, leave a note at the page's talk page or ask for help at the village pump.

Merging[edit | edit source]

If there is already a page at the new name, it won't work. Consider a merge instead.

Are they different kinds of pages, e.g. one is a how to and one is a project, or a topic? Then they should be separate, but named in ways that tell the reader what kind of page it is.