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Help:Moving a page

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The following instructions work for any page other than categories. For categories, see Appropedia:Moving category pages.

When we want to change the name of a page, we move it, or in other words rename it.

Avoid "cut and paste" - move instead[edit]

Moving will automatically make a redirect, and also preserve the history of the page.

If you want to move only part of a page, then generally there is no choice, but to cut and paste. But in this case, please mention in the edit summary which page you are moving the content from.

How to move[edit]

If you have been a registered user of Appropedia for a while and have made a few edits, you should see a move tab at the top of the page (second from the right, between "history" and "(un)watch"). Click it and enter the new name. It's as easy as that.

It is helpful to other editors if you enter a brief reason for the move, unless the reason is very obvious.

A redirect will automatically be created from the old to the new page. Leave the redirect in place indefinitely, so that people who use an uncorrected link or type the old name in the search box will go to the right place.

Moving may create a double redirect, but don't worry as a regular bot task fixes this (no real need to fix it manually).

When to move[edit]

As long as the proposed name fits with Help:Page naming it should be okay, but ask if you're unsure (on the article's talk page, or the village pump).

I can't move pages![edit]

Keep editing here and wait a few days. If you've been registered for a couple of weeks and have made 20 or so edits and still can't see a move tab, leave a note at the village pump.


If there is already a page at the new name, it won't work. Consider a merge instead.

Are they different kinds of pages, e.g. one is a how to and one is a project, or a topic? Then they should be separate, but named in ways that tell the reader what kind of page it is.