Creating skills for the GSTC.
How to create a medical skill

This is a tutorial that includes relevant information about how to create a medical skill page in Appropedia.

  • 00:13 Naming medical skill page
  • 00:25 How to edit the template's infoboxes
  • 01:47 How to insert a video
  • 02:44 Saving page and leaving summary of your changes.

Skill pages describe and show how a procedure is performed in a way that allows a person to obtain knowledge, practice and self-assess their performance. The page you're reading is a type of skill page with video content.

Definitions[edit | edit source]

  • Course
  • Syllabus
  • Parent skill
  • Subskill
  • Self-assessment
  • Narrative content
  • Knowledge pages
  • Semantic properties

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