A redirect page contains only an automatic redirect to another page. It doesn't have its own content, but merely redirects readers from the title they've searched for to the corresponding entry, if it has a title other than the one typed.

To create a 'redirect, there are two methods:

  1. Start a new page, and in the edit box, type or paste in the name of the page you want to redirect to. Select the target namepage, and click #R on the toolbar (just to the right of the middle). Click save, and the redirect is created.
  2. Create a page, then move to a new name. A redirect will be automatically created, from the original name to the new name.

When a redirect points to another redirect, the software won't automatically pass you to the final destination (to avoid the risk of an infinite loop). This is a double redirect, and these are checked and automatically fixed on a semi-regular basis by a bot. You can fix it by hand if you like, or just wait for a week or two until a bot fixes it.

See Wikipedia:Redirect for more detailed information.

Video demonstrations[edit | edit source]

How to redirect a page in Appropedia.
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Cómo redirigir una página
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