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This page will help you to create and maintain your user page, which will serve as your technical portfolio on Appropedia.

About user pages[edit | edit source]

Appropedia is a site for original research. People from all over the world review content developed by our community. You are not required to disclose any personal information to use Appropedia, but we encourage you to keep a descriptive user page that will allow others to know who you are and to attribute any work they use, for example, by citing your name and affiliation as the author of any pages you have contributed to.

Appropedia uses Template:User data to enable semantic search of user data. For example, users on Appropedia can use this information to search for other users who speak Spanish or who have specific skills. It will also display your contributions on Appropedia automatically.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

To create your user page, do the following:

Go to Special:MyPage to enter your personal user page.
All user infoboxes can be created by clicking on the Edit with form option on top of the page. In case you wish to edit your infobox with the source editor in the future, look for the {{Infobox user}} code, or click on the infobox at the top right side of the page while using edit mode (with the visual editor).

Add information to identify you, such as:

  • Your real name, which will be useful for others to attribute your work when cited.
  • A photo of you, or your pet.
  • Your affiliation such as the school, university, or other organization you're studying or working at.
  • Your location.
  • Your nationality.
  • The languages you speak or can contribute in.
  • Your skills and interests.
If you have been requested to do so, add the correct categories for your page. These could point your user page to your university, nonprofit a specific project or class you are part of.

User page example[edit | edit source]

Here is an example of a user page code. If you want to get started quickly, simply copy and paste to your personal user page and edit it to suit your needs. Please note that you'll have to upload a photo before you add it to your page.

Source code view Rendered view
[[File:Stick Figure.svg|thumb|Me in 2015.]]

{{Infobox user
|name=Mark Park
|affiliations=Humboldt State University
|location=Arcata, California
|nationality=United States
|languages=English, Arabic
|skills=manufacturing, data sampling, web development
|interests=Water purification, carbon footprint, solar energy

Hi, I'm Mark Park. I'm a graduate student at Humboldt State University, with an interest in learning about all types of technology.

==Other interests or activities==

*I am building a startup.

[[Category:Humboldt State University]]
User page example with infobox

Quality check and troubleshooting[edit | edit source]

Here are some of the things you should review before publishing your pages, or to look for in case your user page doesn't display correctly.

  • Check for the infobox code using the source editor and compare it to the example.
  • Make sure your page is in the right category.

Video demonstrations[edit | edit source]

How to create a user page
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Cómo crear una página de usuario
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