For editing Appropedia you need two things: 1. Create an account 2. Confirm your email address

Create an account[edit | edit source]

CAccount 1clicklink.gif
Click on the Create account link on the top right.
CAccount 2AccountData.jpg
Credentials. Choose: A username and password. Enter your: email address and real name (if you want)
CAccount 3SecQuestion.gif
Answer the security question (the current answer is 'two').
CAccount 4CreateYAccount.gif
Click on Create your account button
CAccount 5Success.jpg
Success! You'll see something like this:

Confirm your email[edit | edit source]

CAccount 6Confirm.jpg
Look in your inbox for an Appropedia email like this one and open the link in your browser
If you haven't received an email yet, check your email spam folder. If nothing is there, then check Special:Preferences under the User profile tab, where you can request a new confirmation email.

Video demonstration[edit | edit source]

Cómo crear una cuenta

Tutorial sobre cómo crear una cuenta en Appropedia

Language: Español (ES)
How to create your account

This is a tutorial on how to create your account in Appropedia.

Language: English (EN)