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This information is out of date. We currently have installed Semantic Maps and are using the simpler

New Instructions[edit source]


Old Instructions[edit source]

You can add an interactive Google Map, overlayed with your own locations, to your Appropedia page.

To use it in your page[edit source]

  1. Click edit
  2. Click last icon on tool bar
  3. Enter a location, magnify, etc.

To add locations[edit source]

  1. Click a spot on the map (at any magnification)
  2. Enter title in the popup balloon

To add a path[edit source]

  1. Add a location
  2. Click "Start a path" in the popup balloon

Save[edit source]

  1. Copy and paste the mark-up into the location on the page you want the map
  2. Summarize and save page or show preview first

For more information[edit source]

Examples[edit source]

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