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Use this template to generate maps.

Important! Only pages that have their location properly set through {{Project data}}, {{Organization data}}, {{User data}}, {{Locations}} or {{Place}} will show in the maps!

Examples[edit source]

Page map[edit source]

| location = Colombia

Manual map[edit source]

| data =
40.868857, -124.077896 ~ [[Campus Center for Appropriate Technology]] (CCAT) ~ HSU www.humboldt.edu/~ccat;
39.007446, -123.369598 ~ Emerald Earth ~ www.emeraldearth.org;
38.967951, -123.145752 ~ Solar Living Institute ~ www.solarliving.org;
39.400122, -123.354492 ~ Ecology Action ~ http://www.growbiointensive.org;
| cluster = no

Subobject map[edit source]

Use the "subobject-of" parameter to create maps of subobjects, that is, semantic entities that don't have their own page, such as videos or places.

| subobjects-of = Community gardens map/data

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Template data[edit source]

Use this template to generate maps showing the location of Appropedia pages.

Template parameters

This template prefers block formatting of parameters.


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