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Videos can be embedded from YouTube or Vimeo by using the Template:Video. Appropedia not only allows you to embed videos but also to annotate them with metadata. Categorizing videos will help others find relevant videos using our Search tools.

Adding and annotating videos[edit source]

The The template {{Video}} allows you to embed content uploaded to Appropedia, Wikimedia Commons, YouTube or Vimeo. It can also serve to annotate with metadata such as the authors, a description, and keywords that can serve to categorize content on all pages by subject and reuse it in different ways. The following example uses a video file hosted on Wikimedia Commons.

|video = House wren in JBWR (50171).webm
|title = House wren in JBWR
|description = House wren guards its nest
|keywords = wren, nest
|authors = Rhododendrites
|date = 2020-07-05
|location = Jamaica
|language = es
|license = CC BY-SA 4.0

It will render like this:

House wren in JBWR
House wren guards its nest
Keywords: wren, nest
Author: Rhododendrites
Date: 2020-07-05
Location: Jamaica
Language: Español (es)
License: CC BY-SA 4.0

Video annotations[edit source]

Until 2019, Youtube provided users with various tools to help them improve their channel. One of these that you will inevitably have seen were video annotations. They appeared superimposed at certain moments in the video and usually had functions such as specify a concept mentioned in the video, correct mistakes said while recording, send users to other content, etc.

Under this premise, we implemented a template that will help you save time and easily find the information you need in videos. This is an example of its usage.

|video = nztlIpf1glM
|align = center
|title = Google sheets: How to make a water audit spreadsheet
|description = How to make a water audit spreadsheet
|annotations =
*0:24 Start a new spreadsheet
*0:49 Calculate the water usage
*1:50 Setting up the instructions
*2:53 Set up conversion rate
*3:53 First example: sources based on uses per day
*5:20 Formatting
*6:25 First calculation
*7:15 Rounding
*9:08 Adding up the total
*10:00 Second example: sources based on flow rate
*11:50 Calculating totals
*12:56 Third example: sources based on usage per week
*13:54 Converting weeks to days
*15:02 Absolute spreadsheet references
*16:17 Calculate daily, monthly and yearly totals
*18:50 Final formatting

As you can see in this video, it has a breakdown of its content below it. The timeline helps us select the exact moment we are interested in.

Other methods[edit source]

YouTube tag[edit source]

Search for the video and copy the link.

Paste the link inside the code <youtube>YouTube Link</youtube>. For example:


Which creates:

Vimeo tag[edit source]

Search for the ID of the video and copy it. The ID is right after the vimeo.com/. For example:



Which creates:

Classic parser tag[edit source]

You can also use the EmbedVideo parser function:


For example:


Which creates:

Or specify the full URL:


How to upload and display[edit source]

Upload as for any file - when logged in, click the Upload a file link in the left sidebar on any page, and simply display similarly to how you would add an image, for example [[File:VideoFileName.mp4]]

Permissions[edit source]

Embedded content is under whatever license or permissions apply to the source content.

We don't have a clear policy yet, but a proposal is: Embedded content is not considered part of Appropedia's own content, (it is hosted elsewhere but displayed here) so is not covered by our license.

Adding categories[edit source]

The {{Video}} codes automatically add the page to Category:Pages with videos. In addition, include at least one of the categories below that best represents the video's content.

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