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This isn't a guideline yet - more of an essay in progress.

There's a strong argument for using an identity here that corresponds to who you are in the real world. That might mean using your real name, or initials, or using a name that you're commonly known by.


  • Communities that run this way tend to be more civil and constructive.
  • It makes it a little easier to spot a spammer when they turn up with a name that sounds like a spam bot (e.g. Burkhardtluke36 or Moneymarketrates22).
  • Letting people know who you are means you might run into them in real life, one day.

"But I already chose a name..."[edit]

You can have your account renamed - just ask.

Personal name, not organization's name[edit]

Things get complicated if you use an organization's name. Is this the official word from the organization? Who authorized this?

Better to use a personal account and say on your profile what organization you work with.

This is not a policy[edit]

If you have a reason not to do this - no problem. This is not a requirement.

But please think about:

  • Having a name that's fairly easy for a human to remember, and doesn't have a string of numbers in it.
  • Putting some info about yourself on your profile.