To delete a page:

  • Add Template:Delete near the top of the page. Leave the text of the page intact, so it can easily be reviewed prior to deletion.
  • Add a reason for deletion, like so: {{Delete|reason}}.

This template should be used sparingly:

  • It is easier to improve an existing article than create a new one.
  • Inaccurate or unsuitable information can be removed - even if this leaves only one or two lines, this may be a useful stub.
  • If unsuitable information has been added, the appropriate solution may be to roll back that information, rather than delete the work of previous editors as well.
  • If the content is unsuitable for Appropedia, but conceivable has some value, mark it with {{transwiki}} instead of {{delete}}. Be generous - you may have no interest in the topic, but it may be of value or interest to someone else, perhaps on another wiki.
  • Deleting someone's work can be very discouraging to them. Better to sift and keep the good points. If you don't have time to sift and edit right now, then mark the article as {{inaccurate}} or {{copyedit}} as appropriate.
  • Where the content may be of interest to someone, it is better to transwiki it or move it to userspace (at least temporarily). Deletion is generally for content which is of no value.
  • Where the content is inaccurate or lacking in some way, it is best to flag it as needing improvement (with {{cleanup}}, {{copyedit}} or {{inaccurate}}, etc), rather than requesting deletion. It is easier to improve an existing article than create a new one.
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