This is a proposed Appropedia guideline. You can edit it, or discuss it on the talk page or at the Appropedia policy discussion page.
For now, this should be considered an essay by one or more Appropedians, and not as a policy or guideline.

Warning: Do not use & # < > [ ] | { } in page titles. (It will cause errors and the saved page will not be accessible.)

General guidelines[edit source]

Page names in Appropedia should:

  1. Tell readers at a glance what the general subject area is (E.g. "Smithville Local Exchange Trading System" and "SLETS (Smithville Local Exchange Trading System)" are both good, rather than just "SLETS". (Help:Redirects can be created from the other names.) "Pete's efficient stove" is better than "Pete's project")
  2. have only the first letter of the first word capitalized, e.g. Appropriate technology, unless it is:
    • a proper name,
    • the name of an organization,
    • the title of a publication.
  3. be a complete name rather than an acronym, except where:
    • the acronym is better known,
    • the acronym is part of a longer article name - in which case the full meaning should be made clear in the beginning of the page.
  4. be a unique name (i.e. not just the general topic name. For a personal project, "Ruth's mango orchard" is better than "Mango orchard".)
  5. use very few, or better yet, no symbols - especially ampersands (&). Due to technical clashes, the following characters can never be used in page titles: & # < > [ ] | { } If you create a page with one of these characters by accident, and can't access the page, take these steps:
    1. If you have a copy of the page (e.g. by clicking "back" and then copying everything in the edit box) then make a new page with that same text.
    2. An admin can delete the page for you. If you don't have a copy, tell them and they can copy the page for you (with effort) before deleting the old copy. (Instructions for admins at Help:Correcting bad titles.)

Specific guidelines[edit source]

Following are hints on naming different types of pages

Topics[edit source]

The name of the page should describe the specific subject area. The title should be, as far as possible:

  • Brief
  • Accurate
  • Easy to understand
  • Consistent with common usage

Project[edit source]

Organization[edit source]

  • Full organization name - Example:Potawot

Organization chapters[edit source]

How to[edit source]

Program[edit source]

Supplies[edit source]

Coordination[edit source]

  • Name of organization, program, project or location where coordination is taking place - hoped for final product name.
  • For global coordinations, just use the hoped for final product name, Example: Low cost computer guide

Resource[edit source]

This is for resources that would be placed under a topic. These pages are almost always under another category as well. Please peruse the other categories, to see if there is one that can direct your naming better.

Thesis[edit source]

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