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The following are appropriate technology programs, e.g. schools, summer intensives, classes and workshops. Programs listed in the subcategory section are usually programs implementing Appropedia as part of their curriculum, including items such as integrated assignments, project writeups, worksheets, shared resources and program networking. Programs listed in the article section are usually applying Appropedia mostly for program advertising or other static information, and for resources.

To create a new Programs page

First, browse the Programs articles and subcategories below for examples and check for possible collaboration opportunities, i.e. articles similar to what you're considering writing. Once you're ready to create your own page:

  • Type a proposed name for the new Programs page in the following create box, and click "Create article".
  • When the edit window opens, there will be some preliminary sample text with comments as hints. Add information about your Programs. Do not worry about formatting or completeness, others will help and changes are easily made. Be BOLD.