All information on this site is provided for informational purposes only. By no means is any information presented herein intended to substitute for the advice provided to you by a professional.

The purpose of Appropedia is to inform and to enable collaboration and innovation - not to provide an error-free resource on construction, medical technology, or any other subject. These projects are submitted by anybody - often by students, sometimes by experts, and sometimes by totally random people. Some of the information here will inevitably be wrong - as with anything on the internet, or indeed any information resource.

One of the many advantages of students using Appropedia is that numerous studies have demonstrated that university students can contribute to sustainable development while improving their academic skills. Many courses have used Appropedia 1) as a forum for students who are geographically dispersed, (2) for a whole-class writing collaboration, (3) to coordinate a sustainability-focused outreach campaign, and (4) to review class material with application to technologies for sustainable development.

However, if you use this information at home or anywhere else, exercise extreme caution and utilize the advice of others. Take appropriate precautions for your own safety and the safety of others.

This disclaimer also covers any email correspondence with this site's authors, editors, or administrators.

No one from this wiki community, or the Appropedia Foundation, is responsible for anything you do with the contained information, except yourself.

Read critically[edit | edit source]

A great thing about wikis is that they have reminded people that information on websites and books is provided by real people who make mistakes. Sometimes this is seen as a failing of wikis - but this is not the case, as an adequately curated wiki is often as reliable or even more reliable than other sources of information.

The lesson is this: read critically, whether the author is an expert or a collection of unknown people. Assess whether this book or website is a valuable source, but remember that even the best sources make mistakes. And take responsibility for your own actions and your own safety, as well as the safety of those you are responsible for.

The Appropedia community (those that edit and those that support in other ways) are working to build a comprehensive resource on the important questions that face humanity. We are working hard to make it a reliable and helpful resource, using various tools to make this process more effective.

When we reach this goal and have the most complete and reliable guide to human development and sustainable technologies and practices, you will still need to read critically.

En Español[edit | edit source]

Toda la información en este sitio se proporciona solamente para propósitos informativos. De ninguna manera cualquier información presentada aquí tiene previsto substituir el consejo que puede proporcionarle un profesional.

El propósito de Appropedia es informar y permitir la colaboración y la innovación - no proporcionar recursos libres de errores para la construcción, tecnología médica o cualquier otra área. Estos proyectos son presentados por cualquier persona, a menudo estudiantes, otras veces por los expertos o por gente totalmente al azar.

Si usted utiliza esta información hagálo con una precaución extrema y utilice el consejo de otros. Tome las precauciones apropiades para su seguridad y la de los otros .

Nadie de esta comunidad wiki o de la Fundación Appropedia se hace responsable cualquier cosa que usted haga con la información contenida.

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