Please keep this updated with your supply leads and advice. Know a great store, website, free bin or other, let us know. Feel free to add to the lists even if you are missing some of the information. If you have additional information about one of these stores please add it as well.

Free Stuff[edit | edit source]

Free Wood
Go out West End Rd. and drive around the Aldergrove industrial park. Look for free wood signs. There are three consistent sites, one is next to the Renner station at West End and Aldergrove, another is off Aldergrove on Frank Martin Ct, and a another near Almquist Lumber.
Reusable Office Supplies Exchange (ROSE)
Free office supplies available to Cal Poly Humboldt students, staff and faculty.
Arcata Library Bikes

Stores[edit | edit source]

The Koop
829 10th St. Arcata (707) 822-5410
Great used electronics, motors, magnets, wires, power supplies, etc.
Arcata Scrap
192 South G St. Arcata (707) 822-4881
Excellent metal yard
1063 H St. Arcata (707) 822-6972
New environmental stuff, fibers, paints, books, etc.
SCRAP Humboldt
101 H Street, Arcata, CA 95521 (707) 822-2452
Upcycled supplies
John's Auto Wreckers
3008 Jacobs Ave. Between Eureka and Arcata (707) 443-7065
Used alternators, regulators check out website
Eureka Sand & Gravel
4945 Boyd Road, Blue Lake (707) 822-1795
Like the name says - sand and gravel
Industrial Electric Service
1601 Samoa Blvd, Arcata (707) 822-2485
Industrial, commercial, wiring supplies, lamps &fixtures, motors, motor control, AC/DC drives, etc.
General sales, service, & repair - Used Lumber
4051 US Hwy 101 South (behind the Mill Yard), Arcata (707) 498-1732
Reclaimed lumber and timbers, old growth redwood, western red cedar, douglas-fir

External links[edit | edit source]

Humboldt/Del Norte Material Exchange Board
Awesome idea from the California Integrated Waste Management Board. Links up one companies waste with another person or companies needs. Items sometimes available for free or low-cost include: Burlap sacks, 4 1/2 gal buckets, 55 gal drums, chairs, cloth, food scraps...
Humboldt Freecycle
Fantastic listserve for posting wanted and offered stuff. If you subscribe be ready for your inbox to fill up: Set up automatic sorting rules to effortlessly manage this onslaught.
Humboldt Craigslist
The famous craigslist now serves Humboldt County. There are sections to offer or request services, goods, products, rides, housing, etc.
Humboldt exchange community currency [1]
Bimonthly print and online directory of goods and services offered and wanted in exchange for community currency or at no cost.
Tri-City Weekly Materials Exchange
Weekly classified advertisement newspaper offers free advertisements if materials are being offered at no cost. Link to current listings in materials exchange.

The North Coast Reuse Guide

      Supplies resources for secondhand merchandise, rental or repair services, and recycled goods.

Humboldt County's Independent Business Directory

     Listing of local indepedent businesses in Humboldt County.

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