This page briefly describes some of the most useful tools available to document projects on Appropedia.

Content templates[edit | edit source]

Data templates[edit | edit source]

Use these templates to store and display structured information about your page, project, organization, etc.

Query templates[edit | edit source]

Use these templates to query Appropedia and display the results anywhere in your page:

Navigation templates[edit | edit source]

If your page is part of a larger group of related pages, use these templates to simplify navigation:

  • Template:Header - Use this meta template to create your own header. Headers sit on the top of pages and are useful for branding, visually grouping related pages, and providing easy access to the most important ones.
  • Template:Menu - Use this meta template to create your own menu. Menus float on the top right of pages and provide easy access to all the related pages in your project. Menus also provide functionality such as downloading all pages as a PDF and a progress bar.
  • Template:Horizontal menu - Use this meta template to create your own horizontal menu. Horizontal menus generally sit near the top or bottom of pages and provide easy access to related pages in no particular order.

Layout templates[edit | edit source]

Generally speaking, the plain default layout is the preferred one, since it adapts best to mobile devices and is consistent across Appropedia. However, when need arises, we have a few templates that can help customize the layout of your page:

Other templates[edit | edit source]

  • Template:Notice - Use this meta template to warn users of important information regarding the page or section they're about to read
  • Category:Templates - All templates

Discussion[View | Edit]

Bill of materials with images[edit source]

@Sophivorus This is a great example of how it's implemented in a hacky manner: Athena_Engraver_mod#Tools_needed. —Emilio (talk) 23:50, 9 March 2021 (UTC)

Replied at Appropedia:Site development#Create template for Bill of Materials. Sophivorus (talk) 12:28, 10 March 2021 (UTC)

Simple tool list example[edit source]

Item Amount Cost per unit Total
MOST Delta RepRap or similar RepRap 3-D printer 1 USD 0.00 USD 0.00
Precision knife — Walmart 1 USD 0.00 USD 0.00
Chuck tighten.jpg
Tool to tighten the chuck on the motor. — Included with the micro mini electric hand drill that you ordered from Amazon.
1 USD 0.00 USD 0.00
Dremel cutter.jpg
Dremel engraving cutter tool bit Dremel cutter.jpg — Hardware store. You can also use this
1 USD 0.00 USD 0.00
IMG 0068.jpg
Card board and a small piece of wire (to mix and coat epoxy) — Anywhere
1 USD 0.00 USD 0.00
Grand total USD 0EUR 0.00 <br />GBP 0.00 <br />CAD 0.00 <br />MXN 0.00 <br />INR 0.00 <br />
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