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I am industrial engineer graduated from the University of El Salvador. I have dedicated ten years to organizations focused on social development and volunteer mobilization. My previous experience comes from Habitat for Humanity El Salvador, where I worked for eight years prior to Appropedia Foundation.

Over the past few years, I have also collaborated with different organizations such as the Latin American Fab Lab Network, Reacción and Fundación Insitu in the design and execution of technological projects and initiatives by using participation as a medium for collaboration with non-technical communities to solve social and environmental problems. In 2020 I taught a short course and seminar at ESEN and Brandeis University respectively.

I am currently board member of Internet Society El Salvadorand lead of the Creative Commons El Salvador Chapter. I became the first Salvadoran awarded as an Innovator Under 35 by MIT Technology Review.

Work on Appropedia[edit | edit source]

Since 2019 I serve as the Executive Director of The Appropedia Foundation. Some of the activities that I am currently involved in are fundraising, site development and community building. Sometimes, I'm editing help pages or fighting spam, while some others, I'm helping facilitate work with professors who are running classes on Appropedia.

Current activities[edit | edit source]

Future ideas[edit | edit source]

List of steps[edit | edit source]

One plan on my wishlist is to consider a neat way to document a procedural steps. The way that it currently works is either by using a list or a table (see for example Abuelita's_Garden_Engr305_project_2020#Gil_-_Vertical_Pallet_Garden). It would be interesting to have a {{steps}} template or something of the sort to help document a procedure more easily and in a more simple manner (automatic numbering, nice display, etc.).

Cooking recipes[edit | edit source]

We'll start discussing the introduction of procedures for skill pages related to cooking.

Test pages[edit | edit source]

This is a list of subpages I'm playing with.