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3-D printing of solar photovoltaic materials

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Sunhusky.png By Michigan Tech's Open Sustainability Technology Lab.

Wanted: Students to make a distributed future with solar-powered open-source 3-D printing.
Currently looking for PhD or MSC student interested in solar energy policy- apply now!
Contact Dr. Joshua Pearce - Apply here

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This is a preliminary project that considers what applications would be viable if we could print photovoltaic materials to make active solar cells on 3-D objects.


  1. cell phone case
  2. Roofing tiles/shingles
  3. Paneling for cars
  4. outdoor table tops
  5. railroad tracks
  6. outdoor fabrics
  7. outdoor lighting
  8. roads/sidewalks
  9. cell-towers
  10. planes
  11. traffic lights
  12. House Siding
  13. Windows
  14. Wind Turbine propellers
  15. Watches
  16. Camp Radio
  17. Flashlights
  18. Fishing Pole with Powered Reel
  19. Clothing
  20. Computer Chargers
  21. Outdoor Wifi Transmitter
  22. Bug Zappers