3D-Printed Syringe Head on the Lulzbot Mini[edit | edit source]

Lulzbot Mini with the 3D-printed syringe holder mounted
A 3D-printed syringe holder was printed and placed on a Lulzbot Mini to represent a syringe printer. The printer functions and works as a normal syringe printer and is compatible with the Lulzbot Cura slicer software.

As Bio-printers are becoming increasingly popular, the prices also increase in size. This can be hard for small research groups/organizations to be able to afford such a device in order to conduct research. This process shows how a simple Lulzbot Mini was transformed into a functional syringe printer.

Safety[edit | edit source]

Be aware that there are exposed wires connected to multiple different ports.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  1. Lulzbot Mini
  2. Syringe Holder
  3. Syringe

Operation & Procedure[edit | edit source]

Wiring[edit | edit source]

  • The four most left wires were connected directly to the Lulzbot Mini in their correct counterpart.

Wiring Syringe.jpg

  • The Rest of the connections were connected from the original Lulzbot extruder head to the Lulzbot Mini in their correct counterpart.

Wiring Head.jpg

Cura Slicer[edit | edit source]

NOTE: Put M302 P1 in the starting G-code.

Manually moving the machine in Lulzbot Cura:

  • Go to the Monitor tab

Cura Monitor.jpg

  • Click on the Console button

Cura Console.jpg

  • Click on Connect. The console should say that the printer was successfully connected.

Cura Connect.jpg

  • If the console says that it does not accept cold extrudes, type M302 P1. The device should be movable now.

Shutdown[edit | edit source]

To shutdown the system, click the disconnect button on the monitor tab. The console should say that the device was successfully disconnected. Then disconnect the USB cable and turn the device off.

See also[edit | edit source]

Open-Source Syringe Pump: https://www.appropedia.org/Open-source_syringe_pump

Open-Source Syringe Pump 3-D Printer: https://www.appropedia.org/Open_source_syringe_pump_3-D_printer

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