The Calibrated Light Source[edit | edit source]

The calibrated light source is the Ocean Optics DH-2000-CAL. It is a UV-VIS-NIR lightsource with two lamps, a deuterium and a halogen lamp. The product page for the device is found here

Lamps[edit | edit source]

The DH-2000-CAL contains two separate lamps: a Deuterium Lamp with a wavelength range from 210 nm to 400 nm, and a Halogen Lamp with range 360 - 1500 nm. The exact spectra can be found on the Product Page.

The Deuterium Lamp has a warm-up time of 40 minutes and a lifetime of 1000 hours. The replacement is the Deuterium Spare Bulb (210 - 400 nm), Catalog Number: DH-2000-BD. Another type of Deuterium bulb can also be ordered with a wider wavelength range, the Deuterium Spare Bulb Deep UV (190 - 400 nm), Catalog Number: DH-2000-DUV-B.

The Halogen Lamp has a warm-up time of 20 minutes and a lifetime of 1000 hours. The replacement is the Halogen Spare Bulb (360 - 1500 nm), Catalog Number: DH-2000-BH.

Safety[edit | edit source]

The deuterium lamp produces ultra violet radiation which can be harmful to the eyes. It is important to not look into the light beam and to wear protective eye wear while using the machine. There is a metal shutter over the fiber optical connector. It is to prevent a user from accidentally looking directly into the connector. It is important to connect the fiber optic cable before using the deuterium lamp.

Operation[edit | edit source]

Turn on the DH-2000-CAL by using the switch in the back. The power LED should turn green if the DH-2000-CAL is on. Then connect the fiber optic cable to the fiber optic port on the DH-2000-CAL. There are two connectors, a bare connector and the CC-3-UV-S cosine corrector. Secure the connection by screwing in the bolt on the connector port with the provided allen wrench.

Pressing the red button will switch on the Halogen lamp. The LED below the button will light up green to signal the lamp is on. If the LED is red, it means the lamp has malfunctioned. Pressing the red button again will switch off the Halogen lamp. The Halogen lamp will need a warm up time of 20 minutes before reaching thermal equilibrium to provide stable intensity.

Pressing the green button will switch on the Deuterium lamp. The LED below the button will flash green for about 20 seconds, while the lamp warms up after which the lamp will light automatically. After the lamp lights up, the LED will stay green. Should the LED be red, then the lamp has malfunctioned. The Deuterium lamp should not be operated without proper eye protection. The Deuterium lamp needs warm up time of 40 minutes to provide stable intensity.

Further Information[edit | edit source]

For more details on the DH-2000-CAL, the operating manual can be found here

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