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Cite as Citation reference for the source document. Pearce, Joshua M. (2018). How to Perform a Literature Review with Free and Open Source Software. Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation, 23(9). Available online: http://pareonline.net/getvn.asp?v=23&n=8 open access

As it provides a firm foundation for advancing knowledge, a solid literature review is a critical feature of any academic investigation. Yet, there are several challenges in performing literature reviews including: i) lack of access to the literature because of costs, ii) fracturing of the literature into many sources, lack of access and comprehensive coverage in many databases and search engines, and iii) the use of proprietary software lock-in strategies for bibliographic software, which can make porting literature reviews between organizations cumbersome and costly. These challenges often result in poor quality literature reviews completed by a single researcher unfamiliar with the approaches to the same research in other sub-fields and static reviews that are often lost to the scientific community. In this paper, an open source approach will be expanded to the application of improving the quality of literature reviews by providing best practices. Although there are many types and goals of literature reviews, it is found that all of them can be improved using a tool chain of free and open source software (FOSS) and methods. Specifically, this paper will provide a clear framework for i) comprehensive searching and obtaining access to the literature, ii) the use of FOSS for all steps including browsing, bibliographic software, and writing and iii) documenting a literature review to encourage collaboration of a dynamic document that lives into the future. This approach solves the current challenges of literature reviews and provides benefits of lower labor and economic costs, improved researcher control, and increased potential for collaboration. Finally, the challenges of using this approach and methods to overcome them are reviewed and future work is described.

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Wikis, Research Methodology, Open Access, Open Access Publishing, Scholarly Communication, Open Source Software, Academic Writing, Open Source/Open Access and Libraries, Open Source for Education, Open Education, Open Source and Free Software Studies, Literature Review, Open Source, Google Scholar Search, Systematic Literature Review, Research Writing, Linux Open Source System, Thesis Writing, Software Libre, Scholarly Publishing, Literature review writings, Google Scholar, Scholarly Publishers, Appropedia, Methodology and Review of Related Literature, Free and Open Source Software, Paywalls, Literature Reviews

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