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Completed 2015
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Instance of Photovoltaic module spacer
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RepRap 3-D printing has already been shown to be a versatile tool for fabricating novel photovoltaic racking designs, however, they can also be useful for installing conventional PV modules on conventional racking. In order to ensure appropriate spacing and well oriented array these open-source photovoltaic spacers can be printed. The design has been created to be parametric in OpenSCAD so this design can be used for any conventional array.

The concept and testing of the design was performed by SolarUP

The device is 100% 3-D printable and should be printed with a reasonable infill as this is a tool that will be used on a construction site. PLA is fine although other materials can be used.

Source Code[edit | edit source]

OpenSCAD[edit | edit source]

All measurements in mm

s=6.35; // 1/4 inch spacing
l=12.7; // 1/2 inch lip
d=25.5; // 1 inch down
x=127; // 5 inch length

 cube([l+l+s,s,x], center=true); // lip
 translate([0,-d/2-s/2,0])cube([s,d,x], center=true); // spacer
 translate([0,d+5,0])cylinder(r=s, h=x, center=true); // handle
 translate([0,d/1.5,d*2.25-.25])cube([d,1.5*d,d/2], center=true); // handle connector
 translate([0,d/1.5,-d*2.25+.25])cube([d,1.5*d,d/2], center=true); // handle connector

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