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FFF/FDM 3d printing with sand and ASA plastic literary review

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Sand (and like substances)[edit]

Amazon.Com. Accessed July 14, 2018. Proto-Pasta Glitter Flake HTPLA Stardust 3D Printing Filament 1.75mm 500g: Office Products

  • This filament contains glitter particles and is said to print like normal PLA with regular settings

Accessed July 14, 2018. The Detail of Fillamentum's Glitter PLA and Flawless 3D Prints

  • Reviews of this glitter filament claim that the product is vertually flawless and prints essentially identically to non-glitter filaments

All3DP. Accessed July 14, 2018. 2018 PLA Filament Guide - Explained, Compared, & All Blends

  • This website advertises many different types of filaments with non-plastic materials such as algae, woods, and food byproducts added in.

ECOreprap. Accessed July 14, 2018. All things about PLA Filament

  • This website advertises many different types of PLA filaments such as meta, silk, and carbon fiber added in