Chenlong Zhang is a Ph.D student in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering

Hi, I'm Chenlong Zhang, a PhD candidate in Michigan Technological University. I'm doing research in MOST group with Dr. Pearce. My research will be the cutting-edge InGaN based PL and PV system. Also interested in 3D-printer, the fascinating machine can make everything in your dream into reality. All these researches are rooted in open source sustainable technology. I'll update my research progress here. So if you are interested, keep tracking!

Research interests[edit | edit source]

1. High-quality, Low-defect InGaN Crystalline Films
2. Nanowire solar cells
3. PV Systems Design and Optimization
4. Reprap chemistry
5. Open-source photoluminescence system

Links[edit | edit source]

1. Michigan Tech's Open Sustainability Technology Research Group
2. Open-source photoluminescence system
3. RepRap
4. How to convert 3D Studio to stl
5. Wafer cleaning protocol

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